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I know you know guess hat. Is it gold ring. no In parts of california san francisco you actually made me to give up your beds. Okay scoring right. Listen i used to sell those. What i worked for redacted rings companies and my mom used to work there so she got me a job on campus. Scam and my job was social media coordinator so post on facebook and i post on instagram about making money. Doing that thing. And i would have to sit at the table. Do you want to ring. And i gotta ring for free. It was nobody has a class ring anymore. That ugly piece of jewelry. So ugly. And i'm so grateful i never spent any money on any and they will try to do like for ladies for the girl is a tiny one little. Yeah and it's just not. I lost my. I never had one. I never ever even as a kid. I was like this just seems like a bad investment. You did the right thing. I mean back in the day when it like degrees really fucking mattered. It was like a networking tool you. Hajer on it'd be like oh shit i see you. That's what it's all about those panthers the panthers it's kind of cat i don't know i went to pitt. Penn state like amir. I'm sure it's very puma. Nittany lions yeah. What nittany lion nittany lion is that. A racist t. a. n. y. Thank you chelsea are super producer. Needy lying that's just way too. Specific disrespect to penn state. All day. Fuck you get that. Specifically as a pig gang gain a peacock pitch so yeah that was the whole thing is like you show off that ring and you'd be like oh let's network but now that doesn't fucking matter anymore you know. Education is a scam. But it's also wonderful if you get the right one well. We wouldn't be the examples of that so this is basically another one of those tag on your heartstrings scams. It's like oh my family. The thing that i don't understand about it in new york is like there's like a pot shop on every corner. Uh like how you like. Why are we think you're gonna give us a real ring. You could literally go to the corner and it's going to be a liquor store and then a pawn shop and that's and that's why the scam gets an f from because first of all first of all. You're doing this in the boogie down. Bronx one now make sense out there. Okay and it's just it's just such a just like where can who who has got by this. Apparently some people have like what is the whole point of being like abbas like. What is that supposed to like the bronx. Who doesn't speak old volleyball. Jose hit them with some some real worry. I guess it's supposed to be like a competitor like you know we are the same helped me help us in our people. Our people look. Give me gas money for that. As a complex seems complicated. I just need to know who's got in got by this. And did you keep the ring you'll keep doing. I love doing that. References from hey martin o. Keep the money okay. thank you know it. Was this episode where you know how to live in building a border house. You know and i don't know listen. I don't know about arnold. i didn't have cable growing up. So was this she on some. It was like this old fug boy a woman. His mum was always paying bills. Always paying a radio show talent so on nickelodeon his woman and it was the right. It was a fun boy his bottom beach as she was always paying for everything always hold him down and then one day he like came across some money or something like that and like which was like you really about to take this or whatever and he was fifteen and then at the end he came back and redeemed himself when he was like you. Keep them on belly. I don't want him from outta here. Love you for like you. Keep the money and like literally. He did that. that's all he did he was back in good graces and bacterias buggery. Oh my god. i love it. Nickelodeon teaches so problematic. Coal ash he definitely left that negates. He say you keep the money like oh come back here. Boo here really good content. All right guys. we're gonna take a break for some non scam advertisements..

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