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And if you look at just the World Series, which is obviously, an exceedingly small sample size, but thirty five and two-thirds innings one point seven seven ERA Zeca across three World Series so done. Probably won't get in, but he's going to have his regular season candidacy, which is you guys accurately noted falls, well short of the standards. It'll get a boost from some of this stuff, probably not enough. But, you know who really knows about the hall of fame anymore? When people like Jack Morris and Harold, Baines get in. It's just really hard. If John Lester finds himself on a committee, fifteen or twenty years from now where the, the committee's made up of a THEO Epstein, and Joe Madden question. Maybe Ranko David Ross and Tito Francona then, you know, maybe he's in the hall of fame. Why were there? No diving stops made by Dallas. Brayden is the ball. Boy, good question. I received I'm actually question the effort and commitment. It does I received exactly one bowl. One ball down there. One fucking ball. They have you ever heard. Have you ever heard the song lose yourself by Eminem? Yeah. I did what happens one moment. Yeah. You get one moment you're gonna capture just let it slip. I did. No, I captured it it was a forty six hop. Dribbler off the bat of Margaret Simeone hit the tarp and rolled to me and stopped directly at my feet. Charging. All right. He's going to say charge it. Now the guy's safe. I feel with a catcher's glove. We'll ask a lot of excuse me. The glove glove glove. Catcher's mitt now, your career is definitely going in the right way. Ballboy. That's what I do. I'm getting crushed by TRITON book, or, and petite and Rodney Rodney's, like, hey fucking years ago. You were talking changes in the L Phil fucking boggling. Bro. Speaking of getting crushed who did who did book there, give up that bomb to where he knew immediately, right off the bat that it was gone, who was a righty. It was the catcher Peres. Oh, yes. That's it was. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, yeah. He was in tanks and that World Series. He I feel like he's do that hits. What like ten home runs a year. But like hit bombs when they are gone. He's He's a hard a time. he's a he. I told my friend that there is nothing mooring site exciting in sports than a grand slam. And he said, game winning shot in basketball is more exciting incorrect. Please explain to him. How stupid he is. Thanks, boys. Love the podcast, all our fucking fantastic. That's a good way to get your question. Go ahead yet. So did he say? Walk off home run compared to buzzer beater. Just oh he he did not. Do he did not say that? I do think that's an important distinction because for as much as I love baseball. There's no way you can convince me that a regular grand slam. And like the fourth inning is more exciting than a game winning shot. It's yet. No, it's not as exciting, but I think also like the element of a grand slam anytime. The bases are loaded. You're like who's who's on day everyone? No, there's no other situation in baseball where everyone is thinking homerun, regardless of who's at the plate. The basis are loaded your mmediately thinking France pation breach. These two. And then when you get the pay off your like because game winning shot in basketball, we've got a strong idea of who's going to take that shot. Yeah. We know when it's going to happen because the clock is fucking telling us for baseball like Jared said, you've got the bags juiced and your -ticipant eating the entire at bat pitch. You're hanging on and it doesn't matter if it's GIO Urszula he of tin career homers stepping to the plate for the first time this season. Because you just never know. You just never know those fucking baseball's got more hop in their hind legs in kangaroo these days. So you just never know. And then you add in the element of walk-off game winner. Not even close. I would agree walk off grand slam over buzzer beater, ten times out of ten all day all day every day. I just don't know..

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