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Oregon Blue River and Vita in Lane County on Phoenix and talent in Southern work and Are substantially destroyed. Two people have been killed in the Oregon fires, which the governor says cover the equivalent of about 500 Square miles and in northern California. Three victims have been located in the ashes of the bear fire north of Sacramento. Our community is Unfortunately, becoming accustomed to this I certainly hoped after the campfire that I wouldn't be back up here. Talking with you about Wildland fire of this magnitude. Butte County Sheriff Cory Honey, the 2018 campfire ravaged the city of Paradise in Butte County and is once again under evacuation orders. In Washington state wildfires have killed a one year old boy and burned his parents as they tried to drive away from the danger. America is listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts Network, subscribe and listen to the tray. Gowdy podcast with the country is a centre or center. Right country racing to the edges is a recipe for what we have right now, which is division. And of course, we're told the Senate is where the adults are of the 50 States. Nine by my count have both Republican and a Democrat senator not describing Listen now by going fox News casts dot com America is listening to Fox News. We're a nation founded on principles on freedom with leaders who changed the course of human civilization. When we take part in democracy, we control our destiny. We exercise our rights and hold our leaders accountable and we always speak our mind. We may be separated by issues, but we're united by a common truth. America's ultimate power. Lies in her people. Democracy 2020 It's enduring. Fox News America is watching a test vote in the U. S. Senate today. GOP CORONA VIRUS Relief package.

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