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And he's done that perfectly. He's really a star and as we talked about, he's got this unique potential to break out as a superstar in the U.S. and be really the first Asian male golfer to do that because of how well he speaks English because of how funny he is because of how passionate he is. And he's here and he's here to stay. He's got the right party. First party ever. I'll never forget that. Frankie hit him with the likes. So you've never been to a gathering of multiple human beings to celebrate something. He goes, nope. Nope. Anything, nothing. It was a really good definition of a party. You pulled that out of your ass really quickly. It was impressive. Well, yeah, I'm just a party could be 5 people sitting around a cake with a little candle in it. Right. He's never even seen never stumbled upon a party and like, oh, I'm at a party now. No. Didn't happen. Or he does this a restaurant. They go, a party of four. He goes, I don't even know what that is. I don't know what you're talking about. I can't be a part of that. Can't be a part of that. I like how excited he is. And that's like, that he adores himself to the masses when he does the poster and interviews is like, I'm 20, and I'm on the PJ tour and I'm winning. I think he said he feels like he's a Disneyland. He's just like, I am having a great time. Yeah, and that's the right attitude. Some guys who would have this type of success would just be like, yeah, you know, this is, I mean, I'm meant to be here. I am playing the way I should be. I'm on the PGA Tour, whatever. He's just like, this is amazing. I do feel like I should be here, but I'm gonna soak up every second of it. And yeah, Tom Kim is a budding superstar. I'm having fun playing on the PGA Tour. It's awesome. It's a great line. Great line. When we talk to them too, it was very clear that he's 20 years old, you know? Like, some guys you talk to them and they're 20 going on 35. Morikawa is another guy who's kind of like that. One of these guys who's just been 32 their entire lives, but he's a kid. He never really went to school, he didn't go to college, you know, he's been playing golf his whole his whole life. So when you talk to him, it's very clear that he's 20 years old and that he's soaking in the moment, and it's refreshing to see that. I think you're right, Trent. I got that vibe from saw hit as well. He was a guy who's just like, oh man, what is he? 23, 24. Yeah, he's in there. Talking about having roommates like talking about playing video games like that's a young guy and those two guys are just like excited to be in the position that they're in and that is incredibly refreshing.

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