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How swearing welcome our show haven't read any tweets coast my tweet thing on the foam us at work and but now it's working so our peru's and see if zach braff you want call tweet me out very underscore kudlow now we're talking stocks in the last segment had to pretty good balls are talking about the overall iq kadhamy and i'm just wondering out loud whether it is or it's made up to be okay is there a recession is their and our word out there we haven't had one in eight years i guess some such thing and so why is the fed tightening if the economy look soft or is it softening or maybe a missing all bigpicture would be the first tom anyway to distinguished experts michelle gerard managing director and us chief economist at natwest markets and jim murio managing director t j am institutional services on the cme trading and samba suggested i michelle there's no one knows no one's is using the our word at least i have no seriously using our there may be somebody i don't know about but i don't see it on the other hand on i'm night in the recession camp either yet but these numbers coming in abacha them yesterday sales production cpi i'm glad for low cpr button even consumer confidence down a bit last month was no better i notice michelle the atlanta fed's gdp now has been marked down again a two point four percent at the beginning of the quarter that thing was about four we at one point four percent gdp in the first quarter revised sort of on a two percent trajectory but i want to ask you what do you make of these lousy numbers that's all i got i don't think they're liar who very iran i think you're right noone talking about refreshing yet but people are very watch her as you noted where eight years entity pantene and people are worried pat capping is going to come along in a rather than later triple op um and they're disappointed that we certainly aren't seeing more upward momentum i again i'm disappointed because i was hoping that we get more from washington that word accurate get at a couple of on that pen and hear more particularly into next year that's not happening but but it is more of a fight reid ways movement to continue to grow suited to and a half percent at dated.

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