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F, I X Chicago. I'm John desalvo WGN traffic central and now the WGN forecast, here's meteorologist Tom skilling. Arctic air is on the move again. And it's going to blow into the Chicago area on powerhouse wins. We have a wind advisory in effect until three AM. They'll be over. Overnight wind gusts of forty to fifty miles per hour as temperatures take a dive only to rise to the low teams during the day tomorrow with subzero, wind chills. The wind will let up some Saturday. We got snow on the way Sunday and snow or a wintry mix coming up on Tuesday. So tonight that wind advisory till three AM high winds with gusts to forty to fifty miles per hour as clouds break and temperatures dive low down to three above the wind. Chills will drop zero to ten below in the city and ten to twenty below inland. Friday, clearing, quite Wendy, bunch, colder, high thirteen that's a near thirty degree temperature drop from today. Wind chill zero to ten below in the afternoon gusts thirty five to forty on Friday finally Friday night, the winds begin to subside it'll be clear, but it's going to be cold low zero but chicks blow in the coldest in the locations will stay in single digits up against the lake in the city and Saturday mostly sunny, much, calmer high. Twenty two Sunday. Cloudy snow developing twenty-seven, Monday, cloudiness, maybe some flurries and thirty and Tuesday snow likely possibly a wintry mix high up to thirty five. I'm Tom skilling and the WGN weather center right now here thirty four midway thirty seven Gary thirty seven winds blowing from the west is seventeen miles.

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