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Can I get a hip hip? Hooray for the email that was only down for about a week. I love it. 1 806 368686. All right. Then what start with last night's matchup losing to the 40 Niners last Sunday? The way that they did obviously left a very bad taste in the mouth of the Rams. Last night. They took that out on the bears. Their defense was punishing. It was physical. The offense was efficient enough, and the final score 24 to 10 was actually a lot closer. Then the actual game Wass. They know every single coach loves to talk about how the game is about all three phases Offense. Defense Special teams will partner Johnny Hekker put on a show Last night he pinned Chicago inside their own 10 5 different times. Normally, if your partner is getting a game ball, that's a really bad sign. But last night was a really good sign for L A because hacker control the entire game. Hell, Hecker himself probably could have beaten the Bears because there was no way that bears offense was driving 90 yards for a touchdown. How is bad is their offenses? I'm surprised even cross midfield. Don't get me wrong. The Rams deserve a lot of respect for how they won last night, and the fact that they were mad about the way San Francisco beat them showed up last night all night. Aaron Donald, as an example, was pissed about how that defense played in that game, and then the last night The entire defense played like Aaron Donald was pissed at them. And then the offense found its rhythm as well. Major with a couple of quick highlights. There was the opening touchdown golf gets snapped back a throw to the first sideline terms in the end zone touchdown..

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