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Oh Wow all right. Here's our letter this week. Hello everybody so what science done for me lately well lately being twenty nine years ago disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer myself. Preservation skills are poor at best. I'm attracted to caution tape. Halloween of nineteen ninety in my senior year of high school while out with a friend by car broke down while waiting for a ride to come pick us up. I decided to climb a high voltage transmission tower. Oh no I I always thought don't touch wire. What's the worst that can happen and I found out I was fifty. Five feet up the Tower Fifteen fifteen feet below the power lines when the power arked off and hit me my friend yeah my friend. Kelly was on the ground and and said the sky lit up so bright. It was midnight by the way that she couldn't see me. She said I kept screaming. I can't let go when suddenly darkness and my body fell to the ground hit cats better when I hit the ground. I started a brushfire yet. I was an editor never met one of those before the base of the Tower was surrounded by a six foot fence with three strands of barbed wire on the top. Remember that disclaimer. I climbed all of that to accomplish this goal. I was motionless at this point thought to be dead within minutes. The emergency crews were showing up and yelling at me to lay still to avoid further injuries. She had to do this because they weren't allowed to cut the lock on the gate until the power company showed up to determine whether or not it was safe to enter after about yeah after about forty five minutes the brushfire had extinguished and Kelly was losing remind that no it was helping me and onlooker walked around to the back of the fence and pulls up from the ground at which point Kelly slid underneath and approached me this apparently changed the situation and gave cause for the cops to cut the lock and the paramedics entered and retrieved me good job Kelly. I was put into a helicopter often the hospital well in the chopper. I died arriving at the hospital with no signs of life better. I'm so sorry the Er unit grabbed the defibrillator. Anyone see the irony where this is going Robert Yeah so anyway. They shocked me back to life. I spent the next seven days in a coma. Both lungs had collapsed and I was on a respirator. After waking from the coma I was still in a space between meaning responsive but not aware I came around on November twenty third with no recollection of what had happened to this day. I have no memory of the event or the twenty minutes or so leading up to it everything. I'm telling you simply what has been told to me. I was forty eight percent second third degree burn. My left arm was welded to my side due to a broken collarbone the only break from a fifty five foot fall. They couldn't start physical therapy until it healed for weeks in that meant. My left arm was useless when I awoke a rep from the power. Company told me I was hit with roughly one hundred forty thousand volts coal fired at that after ten months of therapy and a few surgeries I could lift a glass of water to my mouth within a year. I had a full recovery and started rock climbing. I went on to get a job as a stunt performer with full use of my arms science. CI- science made all of this possible science figured out a way to make me whole and live on to travel all the world doing awesome things with amazing people when someone tells me they don't trust science. I simply take my shirt off and point out that it wasn't a politician Titian or belief that allowed me to tell my story. It was science pure science. I love your show Blair's. Theme Song Stays in my head for days as after each episode. Keep doing what you're doing and thanks for letting me share my story. Take Care Josh Hicks Joshua's an incredible story. You are one lucky person. Oh my goodness and and I'm GonNa say Science and Kelly and Kelly thank you Kelly and maybe Kelly had been a little bit more persuasive fifty five tells them that is barb wire has the consequence that is a fantastic antastic store and I love I love the fact that the the disregard for caution to some degree even even after you know stunt profession is going to be a little pre planning. Perhaps things will go. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It was yeah. This is people in the chat. Room are have loved it. They're all saying then what a story it really is and I mean it is amazing that you are able to tell it today. I would love science. You tell me how I can keep my son from doing stunts like that when he's older but possible uh-huh Cheryl share this story that's right. I'll tell him the story. Maybe don't ever do that actually forget to sign this caution awesome bishopscourt little plaques with this story story like Oh. I I yeah Josh. Thank you so much for enjoying twists. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing just just amazing and yeah thank you science for making it possible for you to share everybody. If you have a story you would like to share if you have a note. If if you have a poem if you have yes some small tidbits how science has science has done for you lately or twenty nine years ago. Oh let me know send me an email Pearson at this week in science dot Com or leave a message on our facebook page all right Justin. Let's move back into the science. Dan Tell me about bacteria. Let's see what is the story. This is yeah so we've talked about it a bit on. Oh show how I think the is twenty fifty which is not that long from thirty ish years at there could be ten million deaths per year due to basic infections because antibiotic resistance is going going to be a real proud amongst microbes that has been able to justin evolve to the ways that we've been attacking vacuum. We have new in different ways in approaches coming up Howard. This research is little bit alarming because it is pointing out that Metra situations can shed their skin. They can actually exist without a cell wall. which is the thing that in most humans human cells? Don't have this hour walk aw and so the way the body identifies intruders. Is this weird thing that they have on the outside of their cell. which is this the shell in? That's where they attack and destroy bacteria is drugs that we have developed. This is what our any by addicts do is. They identify pathogens by this outer. Shell this study it was a specific to Urinary Tracts in elder folks but they found that back there were by filtering it can sort of an interesting thing they had this filter. That should have filtered out I believe it's E. Coli in the study this. This is in nature communications. Look specifically at bacterial species associated with recurrent urinary tract infections found many different bacterial species issues including E-coli that can survive as with their calling L. Form in the human body that is having gotten rid of that outer cell wall so what happens then is also changes. Breeding behavior changes the shape of bacteria area. It changes a lot of things that the body might normally use identified so they are now looking into the finding these these ways to target l. form and it might be more it. Mike the Pervasive of course they found in this study. This is something that that come up in noticed some long long time ago by researchers but hasn't really surfaced again on a long time. This discovery is pretty big and finding that there is another way in which factory in exists within the human body that we give deviously I'm sure there are probably many ways bacteria exist in our bodies bodies that not aware of where only aware of ways that we can grow in a petri dish or you know if we can in sequence the sequence the gene then associated with some kind of phenotype and we say oh. That's what that is but yeah. There's probably yeah this is cool that so it was first discovered in nineteen thirty five by EMI heinburger note bell who named named after the Lister Institute where she was working at the time. This is why they're the L. Really Wild. It's such a fundamental fundamental aspect of bacteria. That's no that they didn't survive without changes. It makes a lot of interesting arguments to how many how much bacteria is there that that we don't know about estimates and these are these are also. They're discovering this in bacteria that normally when we had it's not just a former bacteria that doesn't have a so all this is showing bacteria that have cell walls normally can also survive in mode without which is then another sort of evolutionary trait. Perhaps or war didn't make arguments about pre-revolutionary traits about like if you don't don't mean microbes it might can exist without a cell wall. Maybe in the first place maybe the cell Wallace something that much. You know it's at both ends. It's sort of asking questions so interesting study and I can't wait to hear more is reached outs into this yeah..

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