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A press pool. Hang out, they read it Tim on live television. And he then it's like you just gave him a platform. He is loving this shit. You just kept giving him the these this this stuff you gave him all this ammo to run with. And then you gave them a recorder. And that's where he starts to remind me of BT K because she loves the sound of his own voice. Absolutely. Does. I did not the new information that I got from this though. And I'm not sure if if we covered this I obviously that was years and years ago when we spoke about this, man. But when he cross examined the man who went into the sorority house. I and Tallahassee. Yeah. The great detail that he made him go into about how the bodies were placed on the bite marks is a calendar of it was so eerie. Well, that's the interesting. The interesting thing about that incident. Is that Ted bundy's? Trial was one of the very first televised trials in American history. And everyone across the country watched the Ted Bundy trial, and because he was charming and because he was kind of good looking. The American tea because was TV friendly, and he also dressed TV friendly like what he'd wear those fucking like Seattle SuperSonics, sweaters war. He wore a belly shirt in one of the pictures. And because he was so TV friendly America was kind of split on this guy. Like he was at Ted Bundy was like a little popular. And they're like, well, I don't know like, wow. And really like at the end of the day the science, the what is it the tooth bite sciences kind of junk science like it's not right? It's not great. It's not really that. Good science. So people were a little apprehensively like, well, maybe maybe he didn't do it. Maybe this is just bad luck. Right after that cross examination after it was obvious that he took this guy after it was obviously he took this police officer up to ask him all these questions because he made him do all these details. Made him talk about all of his over and over and over again, and then asked no follow up questions. Right. And then just sat down because it was obvious. He just wanted to hear it. But then he had manage. To flip the whole thing to be a Knicks an expression of his horrific crimes and lay them out in front of everyone and everyone gets to witness it, and he's totally in charge. She's Maka Belling, devious pieces shit. Don't you see how evil my deeds are all it is is making them harder and harder. Yup. And he really thought he was going to get away with it. I'm firmly believed that this story also had in my opinion, other than Ted Bundy who is obviously the worst character in the story, Carol and Boone that was the woman on to under oath testified that she was just driving me insane. They ended up having a child because the the Russians officers turned his way turned his back and let them have sex. I thought they snuck come out. No, no. Ron visits Hanjour, go visa, we could actually do it. They actually could Faulk. I didn't get to the very end. They actually did it. So they had a oh that dude. It was a family picture. She had a son from another relationship. But she was so you had the first so we had to escape we had mass murder so beautiful girls being killed. Now..

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