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Special opportunity to get to know friends our colleagues our special guests just that little bit better and have a conversation. That isn't yo usual. Oh explain to me the intricacies of the afghanistan withdrawal in three minutes. That's not what we do here on america first and this one's really special i mean it. Not only is she. A regular a pillar of america first every week giving us California updates. she is of course also a guest host of america. I we call her warrior. Princess jennifer horn. Let me just start. Jennifer horn with a very simple question hummel radio. How many hours of radio did you do just today. just today i have done a one two three four five six and a half hours of radio before sitting down with you. It's obscene nobody wants. Nobody works as hot as this lady. Follow her right now on twitter jennifer who host of the morning answer and the jenin. Don show follow her listen to her. Am five ninety am eight seventy johnson also at c. r. n. Talk dot com. Okay let's start at the beginning you've been a trooper you haven't skipped a beat but let's find out a little bit more about how this lady this. A lover of freedom at america got to be the hardest working radio host in this greatest nation in the world so tell millions of listeners who may have accidentally landed on this show will call this video in stream who are you and where did you come from. I'm still trying to figure that out. Who am i and where did i come from Well you know. I was a kid in that kind of radio. I always call myself a radio brad. Because my dad was very involved in the radio business in los angeles he worked for several big stations including k rock and kfi and was always involved in the radio business. I came along. And i was like very shy kid. Imagine that cereal. Yeah hundred percent super-duper shy and never really thought. I wanted to be in the radio business but you know my parents split up when i was young and my dad started his own company which also was in the radio business and so i thought you know great way to spend some time with him and i didn't like to be bored as i go in and work with them during the summer so when i was off from school i you could this dating me a little bit. I- alphabetized our entire record library. I you may tell me You mean as a shop assistant said to me a very young persistent. When when i when i mentioned seat what did she say. I said the album and she said oh. Yeah those big black cds right exactly. They're backing sound deck. I just bought a tape die. Love that i love. You know the person who's on that same trajectory with me governor. Mike huckabee the opportunity to sit down and talk with him. He started in the radio business at twelve. He would sweep the studios. He loved music. he's a musician. And so it's very funny. I i was doing. Essentially the same thing. And i would teach myself steph along the way like twelve years old. I started doing payroll for my dad's company. I taught myself how to do promotions. I would just really kind of learn pieces of the business but never really had any desire to do. The on air thing while flash forward to the northridge earthquake in nineteen ninety. Four and i was in high school. My high school got destroyed during that earthquake. It was knocked down and so they moved us. I went to catholic school. They moved us across the street to the san fernando mission from elementary high school in los angeles and it was very strange going to school at a seminary because this was a seminary at the mission. I mean every bathroom was a boys' bathroom it was. It was pretty crazy but they brought us in and we would only go to school from seven until eleven. Because they had to stagger classes. And so. I was out of school as a junior at like eleven o'clock every day. So i started really working for my dad at that point. And that's when. I started experimenting with being on the air. He would have me villain for some shows. What age were you filling in on radio. When what age. We sixteen seventeen years old so he had me filling and he's like you're not. You're not bad we could. You're pretty good. So every once in a while i would fill in for him and meanwhile i started. I started going to college. But i would still work for my dad. I was traveling a lot doing marketing for our business and really doing stuff way beyond the patriot of an eighteen year old. But i was doing it and going to college at the same time and one day a few years later someone heard me on the radio doing some film stuff and said you know. I've got a nationally syndicated morning show and i'd like to try you out. I'm looking for a young female. And so i tried out for a few days and the rest was history. I started really loving it. I got much more comfortable. I took on the mantra with my shyness. Fake until you make it. And now i feel like i'm just very naturally i don't want to pat myself on the bag but kind of warm and and try to be as friendly as possible now going i guess which i never would have thought so complete transition and i was doing regular talk radio but not necessarily so much in politics. It was after nine eleven. I think i really got involved with repub with with politics specifically. I've always been a republican. From the time i could..

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