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Lincoln you look right now via tennis. Abstract arena sample lenka in eighty point seven percent favored in that match. She's minus four fifty in the early oddsmakers According to the early oddsmakers yeah. She's the favorite and if she you know she's someone who i think takes lumps to learn lessons. She makes a grand slam. Semi-final really close match with carolina plus three sets but she ends up losing that once she takes that data point back into the semi-finals here can be fascinating to see how she competes. But that's your bottom half of the draw going to be leyla fernandez taking on arena stab lincoln. Just the last thing on sat blanca. You know she's only twenty three right like again. I hate to keep doing this. But let's play the twenty thirty game in twenty thirty. All that happens. Is her digits switch. She's thirty to like come on the. Here's a list of players right now. Who are aged thirty. Two in the top one hundred. You've got patrick. Bit of a thirty one. I think that's an apt comparison for how sabah lenka may age kerber thirty-three such different game style as aranka thirty two. That's an interesting one. You've got risk in kerr who are both thirty. One obviously serena thirty nine. That's the exception sway zhang thirty two. Those are you're over thirty players right now in the top fifty. I don't think there's any reason. Sample inca couldn't be one of those players. Ten years from now should she want to be and again twenty. Three years old into a back to buy consecutive slam semi-finals brilliant performance from arena. Sabah lenka to advanced. But that's where things stand on the women's side to flip gears and and talk about where we are at on the men's side or should be Again a really really good event in you look Good event good semi-final matchup. You look no surprise to anyone. Neil medvedev advancing to those semifinals. But for him you know. Here's a four set. Victory over boat. Vince in scope ultimately six three six love. Four six seven five. I was surprised to see him. Drop that third set. I won't mind you look for medvedev overall in the side. I don't think it was anything. He did poorly. I think both dick stepped up his game and he went down swinging. But you look for medvedev over the course course of the match. It was just a medvedev. Ian performance make sixty six percent of his first serves wins eighty three percent of his first-serve points fifty six percent of his second. Serve points sneaky. Efficient twenty thirty at the net. Thirty six winners. Against twenty four unforced air seven of twelve on. Break point chances versus you. Know he fights off three of the five break points that he faces average a hundred twenty six feet per point. That is the biggest number by far. We have mentioned here on these mini break podcasts. Over the course of the us open you. Just you know vote baltic band. Essential is a guy who moves the ball really well around the court. it's very benoi parish. I know i've said this before. In just he can hit all of the angles. He can hit the slices. he can hit the dropshots. He can hit the swinging volleys. There's no shot in tennis. That is forbidden to boutique. Venison scope and yet. There's no obvious plus one weapon. He doesn't fire in the hundred thirty. Mph serve on average. He doesn't hit the ground stroke. Mock twelve you know in del po like slap at will. That's not him now. He will work in the short angles. He will work in the dropshots. But did you just on another plane. Right now physically. He's hit that joke. Vici and stage of his hardcourt career. Were unless you have elite of an elite performance..

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