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To breath their disassociate myself from the preceding remarks Chris Wallace. That's a new one like that. That might be the best that might very good. But I want you to keep working on it. I know what percentage of your you. And your staff's creative juices. Do you think is spent coming up with introductions to me? I would say how many hours in a date twenty four. I would say twenty okay. Twenty days a week in the words of Paul McCartney right who never really amounted to much Frank Bruno. By the way, deserves a lot of the credits. He's his voice his creativity as well as Eric work it on that Eric who I've never met seems to be do a great job. He wants me to stay in the studio. Not go beyond the glass. I think a lot of us who you know. Don't don't touch the animals the fully. Hey, chris. What was it like seeing Bill Hemmer? Do such a great job as your replacement on Sunday. Not that good. I wasn't. I was not pleased. I've watched about five minutes of it. And I said, well, this isn't any fun. Let's be honest. I mean, I'm sure you're you take a ton of time off, and you see how the people sitting there. And you must hate it. When you think will that guy could replace me in all seriousness I ever ever watch. When I'm not on almost never invest. If your ears. Is it is it because you're scared that somebody is going to be better than you. I don't honestly they did a study and it's impossible for that to happen. But for somebody better, I'm gonna tell you the story about my father. So, you know, Mike Wallace and everybody thinks that he legendary and one of the things as you. Well know is nobody is more neurotic than those of us in on TV. I mean, we're all we all are completely nuts and completely convinced that we're hanging on by our fingernails, no matter how successful we are. So my father this was early in his career that early but certainly earlier than sixty minutes. This is back in the mid nineteen sixties and he was doing the CBS morning news. And there was a fellow named read Collins who used to be on the radio for CBS news. But when my father went away, he would he would substitute for him in the CBS morning news is I say back in sixty five sixty six and my father was in a swim. It every time that read Collins was going to replace him. And they'd take him off the CBS news and put on Reed college read Collins, had no. This great deep baritone radio voice by father was just aired to death of them. Really? Yes. Did he come home and say that or later in just mind meld, it how do you think he obviously communicated it to me? Well, that's interesting. I think it also shows most people say who have watched sports if you listen to these superstars you have a chance to talk to them, they feel they have proved themselves every day that Astro. And I remember the one example, I always give because I coached for longest time, and I will bring in clips, and I show Derek jeeter on gay Mike sixty seven have a fly ball into the stands. He runs by the third baseman and dives into the second row and makes the catch and he comes up bloody throws the ball in. And I had questioned. I said why did he do it? They had a question for you do because that's where the ball was not a guy I make twenty two million dollars. It's not even my ball is a meaningless game in one hundred sixty two. But that's where the ball was. And you have to have that attitude everyday someone's catching up to you and every day you have to prove yourself. So why do you not watch the people who replace it? And I will tell us honestly. Some of them. I think this is a lot better show with this replacement for Brian right? Your tweets, Chris. And I know that for sure I'd never listen you that's alive because I don't tweet. So a couple of things because I think about what a missing more in the news. And every time I take off for about ten years something significant would happen. I remember I took off today. Cle- shake Mohammed was caught every time before during the Trump days. It was something happening with there was impossible to forecast that I had to take off. And it'd be something going on the news, and I'd be rolling my eyes spiracy. I remember the CIA, you know, they they run the world. And they look at all the stuff that trilateral commission Bryant's off. Let's let's a little bit less story at Henry zone or maybe Pete hegseth on. So let's we'll give some news to great anchors in their own in their own way. But they're not mad and the other thing is I've member booked to cruise with my family, and I'm looking forward to it. And all of a sudden, I get a call, and they say can you hold for? Can you get an Email? They say we and the my Yahoo is rest who's who's they it was the White House. So I'm going my goodness. George Bush, the white what do they need? So I call and they say the president wants you to MC some military event on the on the south on and I go when is it? And it was the day I'm going on the cruise. So for you when you lives by their so big deal for me. I don't think I had even took it a tour at the White House by that point. So that was doused part of the island will never watch that show. So that's a may give too much information. Okay. Yeah. It's okay. For the cruise kind nodded off there for a minute. But I'm so ready for this. Sure. Here is will William Barr yesterday. Cohen you're not suggesting though that spine occurred. I don't well. I guess you could I think there's spying did occur. So with that so many were beside themselves. I was not are you surprised about the uproar? No, I'm not. And I think if he had all to do over again because he kind of at the end said looking back on this. What I'm really saying is that there was surveilled that went on which is probably a better word, and we need to say whether or not it was legitimate. But there was a I guess the word they use is sufficient predicate for it of sufficient basis to to have that surveillance. And, you know, look, I think it's an absolutely legitimate question. I think that should be fully investigated. You're going to have the inspector General Michael Horowitz of the Justice department and independent person who was pretty tough on the FBI on the way they handled the Clinton investigation supposedly according to William bar by may or June. They're going to say whether there was anything improper in actions by the FBI of. And the flies aren't and all of that in the handling of the Trump investigation. And if there's something that he doesn't panel or he was unable to come up with because of limitations of his power. Then you know, maybe we end up. I hate to say it with another special council because I think we're all tired of that. But I think that bars rhetoric, and I know a lot of people have grave doubts about it. I'm not saying, I don't I'm just saying I think he got a little bit ahead of himself. And I think to say there was surveilled that were actions we need to investigate him. I concerned about it. I don't have any problem with any of that. I Chris UI show is good great on Sundays and white. So different is because you study the the things that Trump did wrong and makes them vulnerable towards this mother investigation. And you also look at the other side and say what the heck was going on with these text messages in his Peter Struck and these any McCabe who. Had a criminal referral and Komi. And what what do you want him because his interesting things in both storylines, and they're Chuck Todd's, and the others have no idea, what is going on that it is not some crazy. Tinfoil hat series of stories that Donald Trump feels like he was spied on do counterintelligence investigation from July today, and they don't understand still to this day. What legitimately started it. And why he wasn't informed of it. The other side does not even have interest in it. So when he said spying, they said, are you kidding me about Chuck Todd talked about gas lighting, America? But by talking about spot, I agree with you. I think that you have to have an oath. You have to have an open mind about this stuff. And I think you know, when I criticize people on both sides, you have to have an open mind did the president did the people around him do anything wrong, and you also have to and just because you may think you know, two things can be true that people around the president did something wrong. But the FBI also, you know, went over the line in some of the actions, they took so you have to have an open mind, and you have to be willing to accept at least evidence. Listen to evidence on both sides, Julian Assange, arrested hold out of the Ecuador embassy in Britain. It looks like we have charges on them. We want him extradited. They have problems because he violated a bail deal where do you think this story's going, and in your mind, Chris from what you know is he a hero or villain? I I I don't have an open mind on he's a villain. Thanks. I'm concerned that I know at lot. Thank you. I agree. But honestly, a lot of people. In the conservative world think he's a hero. I don't get it. This is a guy who published I think one hundred thousand pages is something of Chelsea Manning's. Documents some of which endangered national security. You see he was a he was a an accomplice to the Kremlin in some of the information that you can sit there and say, well, I'm glad that the pedestrian formation came out it came out because the the the Kremlin or the Russian intelligence hack did. And I I don't see how this guy is a hero. And as far as I'm concerned, he can spend a lot of time in prison in the United States and Pam, and I will say what is this? Superficial of me when I saw him being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy, and he did not look happy about that. I thought you know with kind of bald head and the David Letterman beard, I thought. Wow, Pam Anderson was attracted to that right now. That's very real of you that is that something that's not going to be in the teleprompter on Sunday. I'm sure, but it's good of you to give his share with us. I want you to another which I said something stupid, and you couldn't be happier. No. It's a conversation. Hey, eric. Where's that cut of Jay Johnson this morning foam homeland security secretary, President Obama when he talked about Assange can we hear that apparently aided and assisted in the leak of classified information. Now at some point there may be debate about whether he is legitimate journalist, and that was legitimate journalistic activity, but I do not regard him as a hero. So either do I, but this is the thing if you some of our colleagues do, but but here's use equate. Here's a journalist question. If you get this information that reveals America tactic Saudi Arabia's relationship with Iran, how we might have been working with Saudi Arabia against on all these things as a journalist. Chris wallace. Do you publish that information? Do you care whether a jeopardize national security if you have a big story there. Well, of course, you do. I mean, look there's been. Well, I I mean, I think of course, a responsible journalist does that doesn't mean, you don't publish anything. I mean, and in fairness people who've gotten lakes like that, whether it was Fox News, whether it was the New York Times, whether it was the Washington Post, you usually go to the authorities, and you say, I've got some information and explain to me why you think I shouldn't publish it. And then you end up making the decision, you know, obviously when you it's not you personally, it's your entire organization. The editors the lawyers whatever, but I think it was pretty clear in the case of Julian Assange one he didn't want to listen, or even, you know, take consul from authorities until he didn't care that it might have.

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