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Condom brand. Feel your best and get yours on. When P. T. Barnum's great American museum burned to the ground in 1865, what rose from its ashes would change the world. Welcome to grim and mild presents, an ongoing journey into the strange, the unusual and the fascinating. For our inaugural season, we'll be giving you a backstage tour of the always complex and often misunderstood cultural artifact that is the American sideshow. So come along as we visit the shadowy corners of the stage and learn about the people who are at the center of it all. In a place where spectacle was king, we will soon discover, there's always more to the story than meets the eye. So step right up and get in line. Listen to grim and Mao presents now on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Learn more over at grim and mild dot com slash presents. Welcome back to the north of Iceland where I'm shooting with my dear friend Corey Andrew from instinct magazine dot com. Check out instinct magazine dot com today for one reason. Vibe there. More heated and fantastic story, plugs the podcast, plugs my book, plugs us naughty, so thank you again Cora you are a real real true friend. Hey, let's get to the polls. Thank you very much everybody. So Kanye West is dating a game to make Kim Kardashian jealous. Oh, Kanye will this work. Let's have a look at the results. 88% said no, it won't work. No. I don't think it does work. Do you Corey, have you ever tried to make somebody jealous? Well whatever happened to you you know, it never works I've tried, but if somebody has really tried. And it's worse when you try and they really have moved on because then you feel worse. Because your efforts really failed. And then you really don't do it. Oh, who are you? Oh my gosh, not a good thing. I don't suggest it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Because it's not going to work with the majority. Don't forget to vote on today's poll, go to our Twitter page at naughty nice rob where our Facebook page is naughty gossip you could leave a comment there and this year to check back tomorrow to hear your results and now it's time for the day. Yes. And I do happen to love this woman, so Cameron Diaz says love with Benji Madden is passionate and deep. Cameron Diaz has a connection with Benji Madden and celebrated her 7th year anniversary with him. They've been married for 7 years. Yeah, isn't that something? I mean, it's like that's like so fast. But Matt and shared a tribute on Instagram writing in the caption that he always dreamed of having a family like this. They welcomed their first child, their daughter radics in December back in 2019, and he wrote happy peaceful, consistent loyal and unconditional, equally filled with passion and depth. He continued. And in the comments section, Cameron Diaz replied, I haunt you more and more every day. Love you forever and always she added. And I just think they're a sweet, beautiful couple with great kids and beautiful. Fun. They're a lovely beautiful, beautiful, the first PR job I got was at this agency called the NC and Cameron Diaz was a client of the agency. So she was way too big for me to have anything to do if I was like the intern that I started as the receptionist oh wow. But the receptionist you see everything, and when she called to speak to her publicist, she was always so kind and pleasant and just like a class act. And you know too because all the publicists would gossip, so I'd listen to them in the little kitchen or with their drinking coffee. And they would always tell each other the nightmare clients, Cameron's name was never one of good. Cameron, you are a class act, happy animal. Yes. Happy anniversary. And now I'm naughty of the day. Hello aria or Hillary. Has revealed on her Instagram story that she had food poisoning, all that sounds awful. Although she didn't share what made her sick what she did open up about continuing to care for her children while not feeling well shortly afterwards, she shared a photograph of herself breastfeeding her son. Hilaria, Hilary, is not letting a stomach a bug interfere with her time with her 6 kids or may I had been a little naughty myself. Her time on social media. So even though she's sick, even though she has 6 kids, hilarious there on social media, the reason she's the dirtiest is just a few weeks ago, she was begging for privacy. You can't have it both ways. I get how exciting. It must be to be a public figure to have all these hundreds of thousands of followers on social media to have people reporting about your life. It feels very exciting, doesn't it? But you have to decide if you want privacy or not. You can't turn it on and off. And I would suggest at this moment, let's remember your husband is still being investigated. Yeah. At this moment might not be the calm down. Nor did he have the day. Hey, before we end, let's have a moment of getting to know your body. It's not easy because it brings up a whole lot of judgments and emotions. This is why we all have to commit to getting to know ourselves and renew that commitment when the going gets tough. Think about it. You probably know the body of your favorite celebrity better than you know your own. Yeah, it's true. I could probably pick out Kim Kardashian's bottom from a lineup, better than my own chord. Get to know your body, like really do. Start having a look at yourself in the mirror. Don't look past yourself. Look at yourself. Start to get to know your face. Honestly, because her eyes point outwards, we look at other people and other things all day. People look at us all day, start just spending ten minutes a day having a look at yourself so true then start to love yourself. You can do it. Hey, that's it for this week. It's been a glorious week. 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What grows in the forest are imagination and our family bonds. The forest is closer than you think, find a forest near you and discover the forest dot org brought to you by the United States forest service and the ad council. When P. T. Barnum's great American museum burned to the ground in 1865, what rose from its ashes would change the world. Welcome to grim and mild presents, an ongoing journey into the strange, the unusual and the fascinating. In our inaugural season will give you a backstage tour of the complex and unusual artifact that is, the American sideshow. Listen to grim and Mao presents now on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts..

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