Bureau Chief, Russian Defence Ministry, Steve Eisenberg discussed on Global News Podcast - Dozens killed in Kabul explosion


The already condemned the attack and perhaps they cannot do anything else at the moment they will be looking into it of course but right now again presidential palace in a statement condemned the attack and they call it barbaric can against islamic values of abc kabul bureau chief for the afghan service immoral pesali the russian defence ministry says its navy has fired four cruise missiles at his slamic state group targets near the syrian city of pal mira steve eisenberg in moscow russia's defence ministry released video images showing the russian naval frigate admiral action and the submarine crushed it up firing two missiles each the targets were hideouts of socalled islamic state in an area to the east of power mira to where officials said heavy weapons at isis fighters have been moved from up the russianbuilt said that all targets had been struck and the military commanders from america turkey and israel had been warned of the launch in good time this isn't the first time russia has fired socalled kaliba cruise missiles in syria the last time was half a year ago that was steve rosenberg nasa is due to make a major announcement today about its first mission to the sun that sheduled for next year the agency wants to send a space probe closer to the star than ever before totally green has space scientist at university college london explains what it will do this base halt will be measuring and sentencing i like to think of us of sniffing and tasting the environment round itself so it will be ingesting particles that are ultimately flowing out from the sun so electricallycharged particles electrons proton's islands and it will be measuring electric fields magnetic fields around the spacecraft signs correspondent jonathan amos told us what nasa expects to learn from the mission it's going to step inside the outer atmosphere this very extensive.

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