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The eighties today we're going for another round of sunshine here on this tuesday hot though that's for sure later this afternoon nearing ninety degrees on your wednesday pick it up just a bit though on wednesday and that's going to signal a change for thursday i full day of summer and with it comes cooler temperatures as we go back to that onshore flow so look for the mid seventies to round out this week i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center sunny and bellingham to start the morning sixty two degrees there it's fifty seven and tacoma with some clouds at the moment partly sunny a boeing field and sixty degrees i'll it's hot outside but said the water is still cold man was pulled from the chilly water at renton the gene kulon park last night or the the the master buys that actually pulled the person from age and they were starting cpr rick marshall with renton regional fire says they were able to revive the man and taken to harborview but he was under the water for at least two minutes hundreds of people gathered at normandy park last night to protest the zero tolerance border policy that is separating families faith leaders are demanding the release of asylum seekers and that they'd be reunited with their families they also want laws passed to protect those families from being broken up in the future maybe this will be a turning point so that people understand that people are fleeing violence they're fleeing oppression not leaving their home countries because they want to because they have to in order to survive that you was held as close as possible to a detention center in the south sound eastern washington congresswoman republican cathy mcmorris rogers does not support the idea of separating migrant children from their parents more from komo's carleen johnson statement cathy mcmorris rodgers released monday says in part as americans the land of freedom and opportunity as the people who are warriors for human rights these policies are inconsistent with our nation's values she goes on to say though that congress can and should fix this by passing a law that clarifies separation should not happen and the moore's rogers says she's working on that with colleagues in the house now homeland security secretary cures to nielsen said in a briefing monday the majority of these children are being smuggled into the country without their parents in the last three months we have seen illegal immigration on our southern border exceed fifty thousand people each month neal's assist children who are detained and provided good care.

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