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What was komi motivation i mean one of the things that the report makes very very clear is he had no permission he had no authorization this was completely unprecedented it through all the norms and all the normal rules into the trashy for him to go and do this press conference announcing a decision that wasn't even his decision to mate and at the same time that he was trashing somebody in this case hillary clinton who he had decided not to prosecute what what do you think he was trying to do why did he do this while i like to think and this is the best i can put on it i don't like the word spend 'cause i really do think that there's something to this but you don't just for the interest of full disclosure comey's been a friend of mine i haven't had much contact with them in recent years but you know i've known him for thirty years i've always admired him my never had anything but kind words for him and and felt that reciprocally so so take that what it's worth i think what he was trying to do here what would you get out of this situation with the fbi's reputation intact and by doing it the way he did it he he achieved exactly the opposite of what he hoped to achieve i think that what he wanted to convince the public was that notwithstanding the fact that he was in a situation where there was no way on god's green earth that the obama administration the obama justice department was ever ever going to charge hillary clinton wanted to demonstrate that the fbi had done a thorough credible investigation and had not been portable whitewash even though it was necessarily portable whitewash so the way he tried to square that circle and i think this is this was tragically wrong was to go along not only go along with the plot or the plan of not charging her but take it on himself to be the the person in government who was who that decision was most embodied in because he decided that attorney general lynch was no longer viable after her meeting with president clinton and then he he went out there and did something you should never do as a government official is a justice department official fbi official and that is talked about the evidence in a case where a person is not charged so that i mean basically the rules of the road are the government stakes court so you keep your big mouth shut until you have a case that you're ready to indict and then you formerly bring it so that the person that you accused has all the due process protections they're supposed to have and what he did here was ostensibly exonerate her but lay out all the proof against her and i think the idea behind that was to show that that despite the decision that got made the fbi really did do a very thorough investigation am i right here andrew that that part of the report actually echoes exactly what in much better writing rod rosenstein wrote to the president when when rod rosenstein was first appointed deputy attorney general president trump asked him to prepare a letter evaluating the way komi had performed on this matter the hillary clinton investigation and rosenstein wrote a letter saying whoa this is wildly inappropriate and that seems to be the conclusion michael horowitz horwitz's reached the inspector general as well.

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