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How do you cultivate this attitude? Diamond again, you can stop the Oscar of. What am I grateful for today and see what comes to your mind? You might experience a thought feeling and emotion. A Name Age sensation. But asking the question is enough what am I grateful for today. And that opens the door to your. So literally to you as conscious agent. When, you experience gratitude is impossible to experience the grievances of the condition mind. So, just take knowledge or gratitude for everything that's happening in your life right now. And give thanks for your place in the Cosmos and the opportunities to further your destiny. And also ask yourself is my destiny wash shared destiny. Abandoned all grievances. There's a beautiful expression and the course of miracles. Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and America. Among human beings intention is often encumbered by all kinds of emotional baggage. So one has to let go of all that to create a pure intention. So, how do we go? Let's try an exercise on focusing attention. Let's find a quiet place, and once you've done that right down all your desire is all your wants on all levels of desire material ego. Ego Gratification relationships self-esteem. Spiritual desire is creative desires be specific and include anything that gratifies your senses as well. Write down what you want in terms of personal recognition. Also, not what you want on a more universal level how can you have society? Your country civilization, the planet. Write down what you want when discovering your highest sense of self. You can add or subtract from the list as your desires change and become fulfilled as time goes long. Now meditate create inner visions of your manifested life. See these visions happening, fill them with senses. Hear them, seed them. Feel them imagine them. Experience them at the level of full sensory experience. Let me tell you about the most useful up my phone. It's hard to find the time to sit down and read and learn more. When you don't have free time you can't read or work on personal development. There is an incredible APP that solves this problem and I highly recommend it. It's called. Lancaster Blink is really unique and it works on your phone, your tablet or your web browser blankets takes the best key takeaways the need to know information from thousands of nonfiction books and condense them down into just fifteen minutes. The you can read or listen to. Twelve million people are using blankets right now, and it has a massive and growing library from self help business health to history books blinking has the latest titles from bestseller lists as well as the classic nonfiction titles always meant to read but never had time to. With blankets to get unlimited access to read or listened to a massive library of condensed nonfiction books, all the books you want and all for one low price. Right now for a limited time, blink has a special offer just for our audience go to blinking dot com slash. Deepak. Try It free for seven days and save twenty five percent off your new subscription that's blankets spelled B. L. I. N. K. I S. T. blankets dot com slash deepak to start your free seven-day trial, and you'll also save twenty five percent off but only when you sign up at blankets dot com slash Deepak Look at this list of design once or twice a day and before meditation. The goal is to have congruent attention on all levels of aspirated. And that kind of congruency is played. The internal dialogue is very powerful and clear. and. We'll help you gain unity consciousness. Which means the and the scenery become one? The nor and the known become what? You and that what you want. Become..

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