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Really quick about this situation and in other media would never cover this and I don't know they got or not or or watch but there was an email sent out may your protection detail is about Regina Romero knows in our agenda not only a racist any socialist but also in a radical a sexist hi this is Anna by lieutenant Troy parent to some police department hello any is is to all the people on the email operations division has been given the honor of providing a new member to the mail protection detail if you're receiving this email you have been identified as a strong candidate for the position and talk about a touch short timetable to make a decision there's more to get back this person by this past Monday so you have that right now the question is what are the names yes the email well I'm not even last names but there are one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven names this was sent to eleven people have been chosen short list to be part of the new protective detail from radical mayor Regina Romero the names are Sarah Alexandra Courtney Celeste Emily heather another heather Catherine Melissa Taylor in a no me all women all women and I have more again this you know it's not like the mayor is violating but she is I mean I was she not rights by the way with nothing but men wouldn't she scream about that this is unfair women are not paid enough Bubba Bubba wouldn't you want the best people why she won nothing by touch checks well we're Mary could be a dictator well eight right it's apparently only open to female officers wow I I that's what it says and I I have a source of the din TBD it says a couple of the candidates reached out to my source and the and of course their women a couple of the guys all against women and these women are offended and they're already talking about an E. E. O. complaints one of the V. are one of the officers one of the female officers I told my source I worked really hard to be taken serious is a cop only to be pulled for a position I don't want because I have a **** Regina Regina Regina I'll put these I'll put this stuff on my pages add to add KNSD mom can I my Facebook page at the very least a my sold it'll be up there ventrally just go to Facebook dot com slash garrulous radio like and follow that way when it does get up there at some point this morning it'll pop up and you'll be good to go okay you'll be good to go now really quick I'm in Kirkpatrick she is a cheese a bishop in a wacky to for a long time I told this story what she lost her job originally she was the congressperson for CD one originally now she CD two she lost in the big wave a twenty ten when the Republicans won sixty three seats on ever forget you want on fox news on your computer show and said that right at the last minute just because they realize all these Democrats they were hated right near any of our house the tea party movement and arm she said that to Neil I a I am putting in there that day every member of Congress lose five percent of their salary unless they get a budget I like was a whole big all look at the way were sacrifice you we can get the job done and passed the budget I I we lose five percent are showing that was her last ditch effort to say please don't vote me out right and of course she lost and then she won now what last November she she won against of African rhino trumpeting loser what was your name again from the Tucson Hispanic chamber she and then of course Doug do so for this one monster he is a pointer to the Irish on the corporation commission that check yes we have ran yes and she acted like she didn't know what illegal immigration was chain migration and I'm losing my mind I don't matter you know who it is what corporation Arizona corporation commission so and she ran against the I I'm having a brain brain fart right now I could smell it I'll stop it's stop beds yell a Leo Marquez heaters and yeah there you go the machine a job yet for she she's a McCain night and that is why do server Victor so in you get that and she's she's literally dom or she's a liar I don't know which one maybe but who knows I'm judging by what you told me so anyway and Kirby my this listener Pete Bernie did a great job writing a a letter to Ann Kirkpatrick and got this thing back and was very interesting even highlighted which she she voted to impeach the president even there's no impeachment yet you ready for this she wrote she writes I nor any of my colleagues came to Washington DC with the goal of impeaching the president my primary concern is improving the lives of southerners owners like yourself ready for this now unfortunately the mounting evidence of the president's alleged wrongdoing forced us to act on their duty to defend the rule of law alleged alleged doesn't mean you're found guilty of anything yet your be accused of something so she voted to impeach him based on alleged wrongdoing let's say again it's just as stupid as Tom o'halloran saying I voted to impeach the president because he bribed the president Ukraine there was no bribery if there wasn't a bit of that article of impeachment about it these friggin people man I tell you the ease free again people six twenty seven we have had some highlights there was a debate last night always got off yeah it was terrible I saw the highlights yes not endless I'm only playing is it was none of these people have a chance like truck trump is is is gonna be laughing his way right now to reelection I mean you think about it the Democrats didn't get any Republican to side with them to vote on the impeachment they actually lost a member of their party that's what happened Jeff injuries now Republican any the present with the with the sound bites will play for him but what some of these people were saying yesterday they were biting isms are all kind just a way to yeah here this incredible it's coming up do not go anywhere because if you do you miss it now would be terrible morning ritual with me Gary Lewis can as.

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