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Number seven maximum security is not even going to be placed among the top by the winner is country house with second place going to code of honor in Florida NTSB investigators trying to learn why that Boeing seven thirty-seven slid off the runway into a river at naval air station. Jacksonville have some of the information they need. They have recovered the flight data recorder, but not the cockpit voice recorder because according to them a portion of the plane, the half bottom of the plane is underwater and cockpit voice is that part of the plane in Waukegan. Illinois one body has been recovered, but it's still too dangerous to search for two people still missing after yesterday's explosion at a silicon plant. Correspondent Brynn Gingras reports. Search crews are worried about the stability of the remaining structure a total of nine employee's were working last night inside that building when this blast occurred with the blast was so intense. It could be felt miles away in Wisconsin after HAMAs fired over two hundred rockets into Israel, the Israeli military struck back correspondent Oren Liebermann reports on the UN's response the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process. Put out a statement, saying, the UN Egypt or working between Israel and HAMAs. And try to restore ceasefire. We'll see if and when they're successful Turkey is calling on the international community to act on what it calls the disproportionate actions by Israel in Gaza. Palestinian officials say four people including a pregnant mother and her baby daughter were killed three Israelis, including eighty year old woman were wounded. I'm Evan Haning..

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