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Know what type of dialogue and scenes in whatnot and narratives create certain types of emotional outcomes and feelings of satisfaction or whatever and they can just run it like okay just created. Generally this movie now put into the testing processor to see if that will sell well and cool it rank tionna. Okay will release it. Oh yeah or even a step further where it'll be catered to the person watching it in that so that it's almost this like perfect mirror of relating to a content or a story and i i think it somewhat as like the way that traffic stops at a red light and sometimes there's yellow light and then it's green but it's just there's all this waiting and friction and stuff and might just become a pure flow of like. I'm enjoying every moment of the story. The ups the downs. The it's it's like it was made for me because it is. I wonder what in the hypothetical riady sounds absolutely horrific to me. Because i wonder what's like the at music you know so the records that you hear the first time. Let's say the things do continue to get more outward mcclay bias as we know they will think about like the records that you listen to that at first you kind of like this is interesting but it's not really hitting me. You know like this sense to me. Sometimes it's like. I follow my spidey senses. Like i'll hear record and may not be a hit me where it gives me that energy that you get from something that really excites you. But my spidey senses tingle. And i know some there and sung okay. I'm gonna keep analysts again later. 'cause i know you know we'll get insane. It'll reveal itself to me In so those type of records and sometimes that takes a a day an hour sums it takes five years like there's an records i've been that's interesting like i'm going to whatever put that aside and astuter studio later and might ask feels.

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