Vladimir Putin, Tim Mcguire, President Trump discussed on Derek Hunter


Minus two very contentious features. Here's Washington correspondent Tim McGuire's He reports with lawmakers are saying about the deal on Capitol Hill. I think we've had a Christmas mirror called Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, one of the group of Republicans and Democrats, who are proposing a $748 billion coronavirus relief bill. The measure includes a $300 per week federal unemployment payment, along with help for struggling businesses, schools rule broadband and transportation. What's not in the bill is $160. Billion, wanted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for cities and states and liability protections wanted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the number two Senate Democrats Says the two should back the measure. There's no excuse for either the speaker or the leader. You've got it. Give us a vote. Don't let us go home for Christmas without a vote on this. Tim McGuire, Washington Russian President Vladimir Putin is now congratulating Joe Biden on winning the presidential election after weeks of holding out here's correspondent Charles Daylight. Desmond Putin's message comes a day after the Electoral college confirmed Biden as the nation's next president. Gratifying his November victory in an authority to state by state who Prudie ation off President Donald Trump's refusal to concede Putin now wishes by every success, according to a Kremlin statement on expresses confidence there. Two nations can contribute to solving many problems and challenges the world is currently facing. The Kremlin quoted Putin staying for my part. I'm ready for interaction and contact with you. I'm Charles the lid asthma on Wall Street. Dow futures pointing higher up 160 points more on these stories hit town home dot com. Yes, I'm.

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