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Patrol says the search is continuing today, but the driver in a dramatic hit and run crash in the Sarasota area. We do anticipate that it's going to have front end damage from the impact and again. We're just gonna leave it at that. At this point. We have active leads that we're following up. We appreciate the public's willingness to assist it happened along US forty-one and fourteenth street west to Kia Sedona van making a u-turn clipping and Audi causing the Audi to flip over several times driver that Audi identified as nineteen year old Jackson Kelly is in critical condition driver the KEA stop for just a second into Goff. Ueno says even if you're not at fault in an accident. It is against the law. If you pale to stop you can see the video the crash WFL, a news dot com under the news dropdown menu gas prices rise a lot that stories up next. But first a check into traffic with page Carreira from the Florida central credit union home loans traffic center, we're looking at bumper to bumper volume now over the Howard Franklin bridge into Tampa north on seventy five you might want to use the Gandy bridge. Instead, it's also pretty much a parking lot eastbound on I four between three and mango road. This report is sponsored by compassion international. It's easier change the world, and you think sponsor a child and extreme poverty with compassion international. And you will change the world for that child. Just text the word child two eight three three nine three to sponsor right now page Carrara, NewsRadio WFL a see traffic problems. Call the injury firm of Abraham's in in Utah. Traffic tip line Hillsboro, eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five if you're planning a weekend road trip, be prepared to spend more tampers. Aaa says gas prices jumped by twenty five cents in the last ten days and fourteen cents a gallon in the last week loan statewide average almost two fifty refined remain roots and the switch to more expensive summer blend gas all behind the price high route air conditioning weather center. Rely on route star.

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