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Business flash european headquarters in london amana at whistling beg radio business flash european stocks up by eighttenths have sent this hour footsie100 up by seven cents at present it can't keiron's outpacing the rest up by just over one percent in this act so far behind up by one percent this morning so sent across the european equity space despite the fact we were kind of flat to sluggish on us trade on friday and we had a decent session for for european equities even friday session aerospace stocks were well be that as a kostaq for part of the day but how they may she's been a positive one the msci asiapacific up half a percent in the session and looking ahead to us features they seemed to be strong as well up by three cents with the sent four sense of central sixtenths of absent hang on which the indices you're looking at so strength on the equity picture it seems elsewhere we got we is coming through on the commodity markets in the shape of a little bit of retrenchments in the oil price forty four fifty nine is widely trade on wti now sound threetenths of a percent the brent prices a forty seven twenty four also downright three cents with the senate face our on the currency markets big week for central banks last week of course we're pretty flat so the source upward bias on the dollar seven spot see to brexit negotiations get under way today in brussels david davis on his way to meet michel barnier the pound against the dollar at one twenty seven 95 say skunk stronger for the found by one tenth of a percent the euro against the pound we see a movement there were zero up where it spot eight seven four four sorry for the euro against the pound this morning in stock specific specifics accardo is trading higher by seven and a half percent this morning this after the emanates story around amazon on friday we also see phillips the healthcare and consumer electronics company moving higher this after reporting the times newspaper that says the damn legs third point has been buying shares in that company that's bloomberg business flash now his sons killed off with normal sailed around the la thank you annan the latest in the finsbury park.

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