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I consider this an incredibly positive thing so get into more detail president trump signed a bill on wednesday that will let terminally terminally ill people use experimental drugs citing the meds ability to save tremendous number of lives as i proudly sign this bill thousands of terminally ill americans will finally have the help the hope in the fighting chance that they will be cured and that they will be helped that they'll be able to be with their families for a long time or maybe just for a longer time he said at a white house ceremony he signed a bill called right to try joined by vice president mike pence health and human services secretary alex czar in fda commissioner scott gottlieb pronounced cuddly embrace americans fighting lifethreatening couldn't additions the measure gives terminally ill patients the ability to seek drug treatments that haven't been fully approved by the fda so that's pretty pretty big deal i think it's great yeah it's long overdue it's a it's an air the government should have never been involved in regulating in the first place so is there more to the article there.

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