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Police in orlando have a suspect in custody after a man pulled a gun at orlando international airport the man was reportedly on the first floor of the airport and the rental car area when he brandished the weapon police said that there were no shots fired and no injuries and the man accused of killing two men and hurting another in a stabbing in an oregon light rail train says you call it terrorism i call it patriotism jeremy christian made the declaration during one of several outburst during his arraignment in portland today on two counts of aggravated murder and another i can solve difficult problems for a fortune500 company arthritis successful i can manage your home improvements i the the missile i can motivate year i can put my military experience to work for your country right shelton who can turn on line of youtuber place i could be a loyal him for the employees but i can't put my skills to work for your organs eishin if i'm not given the opportunity if you don't recognize me turned into reality if you don't hire me if you don't have an open line and a workplace that's open to everyone if you don't realize that america works when everybody likes what can you do what can you do what you do you can remember that had poor people candy it's what people do that matters nearly fifty million americans have disabilities capitalize on their talents when the practices that benefit everyone learn more at what can you do campaign dot org it turns out tiger.

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