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Investigators. Still don't know what sparked the shooting they're not. Sure exactly how many people were involved they are. Looking, for video evidence and other clues meantime three people are in extremely critical condition. From the shooting live in San Bernardino John Ferrick KNX ten seventy NewsRadio meantime investigators say they're searching for more potential victims of a sexual predator who is accused of attacking a Lakewood high school student and the woman bellflower he attacks. Were just, a couple of hours apart detective say the man tried to. Sexually assaulted woman, who was walking home he grabbed her but then ran away shortly after and went to Lakewood high security at the. Entrance is an ex Soviet scale fence captain Rick harp, them with the Lakewood sheriff's station says the man tried to assault a, fourteen year old girl and a bathroom but ran off. When an employee walked in special victims detectives were assigned to the case that. Came out that night and they're quick investigative. Work helped get this individual into custody he says they found surveillance footage of the man and gave it. To deputies who spotted him in bellflower the next Day he's doing court Wednesday but the investigation is ongoing Cooper. Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio is Labor Day it's. Time for a parade we'll tell you all about. It, back we'll have a live report about the biggest west coast Labor Day parade. Coming up in just a few moments right now at six o five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives and here's Phil ULA and you mentioned Labor Day as such it's a pretty good right out there let's. Keep it, that way knock on wood couple of little things to know. About because there's, really no slowing anywhere to speak of if you're heading to San demons north on the fifty seven just north of..

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