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On your next cd. You said yeah next. We have released a app. We're working on right. I am buying that all hang on might yeah niles. Getting goose Just tell us. I was away goes fails relevant. Play talking about grief. That's nice. Yeah no sorry but we probably are going to. The mood is gonna raise a little bit now. Anyway because we all about going to the mini features which yahtzee you. Now get ten tables to hoskin american. So you got to ask milo totally unscripted question on i go something. That's already going to test it. Yes so i find it really hard to think of a question like when you can ask someone anything and you have access to google and yeah but i considered asking you how to make a good cup of tea But i think you probably know how to do that. Because told me that you've lived in ireland and england say two of the main t. countries. Yes and i am a tea drinker actually to really okay So actually i felt. Because i know that you're an actor as while i ask you how your accents are unseen if you up today. Maximum accents are atrociously bad. Yes i was taking lessons for awhile undoing. A british accent But she stopped teaching our. She'll teach on occasion but We really difficult to teach. no no. it's just. She's actually been busy with work had nothing. Yeah i mean. Maybe she's still teaching and she's like milo was funny is when i was younger. I was pretty good accents. I can pick them up pretty quick but now not so much and it's harder because you don't if i lived in a place where i heard a consistent accent i could pick it up but like you're in london there's so many regional accents so many people from other countries. So you don't hear consistent one or is saint. It was the same within ireland. There's so many different accents that you can't really pick up a good one You know my my accents are atrocious. The bed okay. Well can we get you to say like one-sentence and i'm gonna go with something like easy like my kind of accent okay. I think that was quite easy. Go oh well kevin involved here if you this hottest issue a little bit. Yeah but i'm not false issue We'll go we'll go. We'll go with the on. Yeah south-southwest landed kind of a south west london kind of accent No i think mine is more of a posh british accent but not a very good one. Because i do occasionally pronounce the ause even though i should not be pronouncing the is and i emphasize the as baby just a little too much and my british accent more or less just sounds like i'm bored and uninterested anything. Anyone has to say that it was pretty good. It was yeah it did. It sounded porsche definitely sounded. Yeah so accent is. I'm just kind of a snob and anything anyone's telling me to. I don't know the of lil off in the end does not cheating to work on Exhausting just vow changes loti. They made use Made you sound tonight. What would be onslaught South african times of his tiny little. You said the full in lean people will be like where are you from. It'd be like south africa with the queen. Yes okay record on gonna say Less less thank of one because you guys you log scotland's you spend a little bit of time of the accent you go up the loch monster at you have yourself a whiskey fantastic scotland. Denial wins look to get you to do. Because i know you're not performing hearing this almost better. I think kind of a a. I have no idea what a birmingham accent is birmingham. Accent for me. And i'll just hear you okay. So it'd be like to all right. The love would like a cup of tea now. I wish sexually. Yeah yeah really irish. Not what you like. Accompany false the pint. What's the crack everybody. I think the burma accent. Intonation isn't it is like only do absolutely killing any. Yeah no sorry birmingham people. Scottish people love your distrust. I actually i actually love the accent. I find it like really like pleasing. And i think he's very friendly. Sounding the elton very interactive oxygen is a lot of movement with As as well as the mouth but also just on the holidays get involved in it not not say if you want a maximum Get uganda shops around literally told me wanted to be a good long on and probably agility you know newcastle up as well or at least in.

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