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Does I was able to pull out a Millard after his franchise record sixty one points he's the sixth player in NBA history with multiple sixty point games Lillard scoring sixty one on Monday that's the most points scored against the warriors since wilt chamberlain drops sixty two back in nineteen sixty six Daimler franchise record eleven three pointers for the record the rest of the team shot three of twenty four from three point range Lillard was eleven from to our level of twenty from three James harden the rockets news to the funder by five harden took seventeen three pointers in that game he missed sixteen of them Celtic so one thirty nine one oh seven pasting of the Lakers on Monday couple Walker had twenty points dodges date about a twenty seven points to lead everybody on the court twenty third game this season for Tatum with at least twenty points matching his single season career high Lakers largest margin of defeat this season tied for the second largest margin in the lebron James era the worst was a forty two point loss to the Pacers about a year ago this one was a thirty two point loss ESPN analyst Tim Legler start the game legs golf eight nothing right off the bat on the block three shots at the rim they get to three danser layoffs it's eight nothing to start the game it looks like they're in a completely different energy level to Boston what changed really was when Brad Stevens inserted in a scanner into the game he was eight for ten in the first half and he destroyed the Lakers on the glass he had six offense rebounds they have thirteen as a team I believe in the first half and I just thought his physicality against the biggest front line in the league because when you put the brought out there you got value out there or Howard and you got Anthony Davis nobody plays front lines that are that big in the league except the Lakers so you have to have somebody that's willing to go in there and willing to throw a few elbows clear some space and go get the ball off the glass I thought can or turn the game with his energy level and his offense rebounding and then that triggered them the rest of the game their pace defensively you know there there want to to chase guys off the three point line how fast they were playing all offensively it was fun for a night to see the balance that we love about this team that I haven't seen enough of over the last few weeks of Jayson Tatum was great tonight Jaylen brown Hey were Campbell all of the players you had great nights the Lakers they just shake it off it's one of a kind he'd said it right there ma'am what and when yeah they try to go in the third quarter and I got the thirty and after lebron came out of the game is just like you know it's one of those I just eighty two games they've been the best team in the Western Conference without question you're gonna have nights like this now it all of this happened on the road against a lottery bounty that this was in Washington or Atlanta tonight maybe don't feels good about it but nobody said Hey this is a team that can get to the finals they were up for us they played great we didn't play very well and when that happens in the NBA with two really good teams you get a twenty or thirty point game you don't have too many of them lebron will get this team back on track ours Lakers hundred third he nine points allowed to their most in any game this season and it comes at a thirty two point loss but the Celtics are larger Mart largest margin of victory over the Lakers in a regular season game since nineteen sixty three he a one eighteen one thirteen win over the kings for Miami their NBA best nineteen and one at home this season the best twenty games start at home in franchise history the kings their fifth consecutive loss tied for the second longest losing streak this season for the nuggets sits another game another way in either.

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