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So I got up to the car car and my husband was opening the door for me and I said you know wreck. I'm a feminist in fact I'm a radical feminist because I'm an English teacher you know I know that radical means at the roots and I knew that at the roots of my soul. I'd been changed that night that I would never her be the same. I could never return and that was the beginning of a year and a half. I guess you call battle battle with the general authorities. Sonia wasn't alone. She joined with other women were feeling similarly conspired to take action and she created a group called Mormons. Four the era her group protested and worked alongside women including LS meal and groups like now so when you even testified in Congress about the importance of the amendment as a Mormon in favor of extending the ratification application deadline and the National Organization for women have been asked to provide two or three people to give women to give testimony testimony for the equal rights amendment knowing that Orrin Hatch was on that committee of a few for human rights or whatever it was some thing thing that he was certainly not for. They chose me to do that. One of them to do that and I read my paper so so when it was over Orion had tried to make me look foolish. Of course that's one of their big ways. He's getting also remember one was quietly. You think you're right when and so many of what most of the people don't want equal rights amendment. They said well in first place that's not correct. In every state every unratified state. The large majority are pro rain and I said n besides a two numbers matter. I said you belong to a church. That says is the only true church a world and his knock got very many members in comparison with a Catholic Church all the Protestants particular. This a small church still so you know numbers numbers don't mean that something is true are not true. Isn't that correct. Oh he was he put answer. That one Sonja marched fasted protested and left behind the life. She knew in order to fight for what she believed. She was excommunicated from the church and her marriage ended. She was one of many women who gave their all to the costs and the movement got so close if just eight state senators had switched their votes. The ear a would have become part of the constitution on March arch. I nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven two years before the original deadline but while the vastly popular women's movement kept pushing things forward the era opponents similarly gathered steam. It's very great pleasure to be invited to visit with you for a while afternoon and I would like it also to thank my husband Fred for letting me calm. I love to say that because it irritates. The women's libbers more than anything. I say the next time on ordinary equality. We're talking about the woman who became the face of the opposition. Phyllis Louis Schlafly. Actually I can't complain about my husband ever interfering with my civil liberties everytime we have an argument he always assures me of my constitutional right to remain silent as we look back on the history of the IRA were also experiencing history in the making this week February thirteenth twenty twenty the US House of Representatives will vote on the eerie for the first time since nineteen seventy eight and they will eliminate the deadline from the nineteen seventies. We'll keep you posted on. What's going on in Congress and the modern progress to get it ratified edified? Ordinary equality is a wonder media. 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