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Org to learn more. It's the man make a comment on the newscast. Bobby is it possible that some of these suggestions of yours should come up during staff meetings and not during your show. No, because then I'd be here all day. All I could get everything done between 6 and ten. Bob Sarah, weekday mornings at 6. On WGN. Time for speech. There we go. Thanks for the jokes. They came in today from one of the mincing rascals, Eric zorn. Via his picayune sentinel newsletter. We got a joke from Becky Webster and Sue Maul and Madison, Wisconsin, Kent heiser and piton sent a joke, mug less John staff writer, Brazil, Indiana. He's back in there today, Greg and Naperville, Andrea Pratt of mooresville, Indiana. We got a joke from rob and Morris, he writes, hey, there's got to be a good one in here somewhere. This is fun. I should have gotten into this game a long time ago. Paul still slurping coffee from an old jelly jar and Dixon sent us a joke. Dave and Canada did and sued Giovanni, vice president top hat media sent us some wisdom from children. Number one, she said, never trust a dog to watch your food. Number two, when your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair. Number three, hiding a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk, never works. Number four never try to baptize your cat. Number 5, if you want a kit and start by asking for a horse. You guys, I'm gonna be saying I and our instead of yes and no from now on during this difficult time I ask you please to respect my right to piracy. If I could ask Thomas Edison anything, it would be what went off in your head before you invented the lightbulb. The following scene, David will portray a tech support person and John Williams will star as a person with computer problems. I think my router isn't working properly. Okay, what lights are on? Well, right now the hallway and kitchen. In the following solo scene big event will portray a TV news anchor. Good evening, nobody did anything about anything you wanted them to do something about. And that's our news. Good night. A witch flying on a broom saw the other witches on vacuum cleaners and thought am I the only one still driving a stick? In the following scene, Dave and it will portray professor X interviewing John Williams, who will star as a job applicant at the X-Men headquarters. So, what's your superpower? Hindsight. Well, that's not going to help us. Yes, I see that now. The kid says, mom, I've got something to tell you. I'm vegan. Mom says, honey, we know. That's the fourth time you've told us today. I slept in my Bee Gees T-shirt and woke up with a night fever. You okay? Yes, I'm staying alive. Hey, Dave, I slept in my Elvis T-shirt. How'd you wake up? All shook up. Hey Dave, I slept in my Pink Floyd T-shirt. Where'd you wake up? Dark side of the moon. Hey Dave, I slept in my monkeys T-shirt last night. Where'd you wake up? The last train to Clarksville. Hey Dave. Yeah? I slept in my wham T-shirt last night, Dave. Did you sleep well? Yes, Dave. In fact, I woke up before I had to go go. If you saw that coming, pat yourself on your wham T-shirt back. Ten 45, WGN. Thanks for sending your jokes to John Williams, the WGN radio dot com. And Dorothy turned a bite. How about that a Doris Day reference? When's the last time this song wasn't recorded yesterday, but nice of wham to include a little Doris Day reference. Nobody was sunnier than doors. No, no. Double Eugene. Were any of you listening to bob sapp when he was talking about the cruise ship coming to navy pier. Yeah, I heard that very interesting. There are Great Lakes cruises, and this one will go from Green Bay to Milwaukee to Chicago, Muskegon, grand haven. I don't know if I want to, you know, the green beta, Milwaukee, the exotic port. Travel, set it up, Steve. Take a cruise on the Milwaukee. Chicago. That could be your trip next year, Lisa. Chicago's afternoon news. Thanks, I'm glad you studied him to Greece and meet to Milwaukee. On WGN

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