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Not unusual. Should not be alarming. At some point here, we'll find out finally who was certified in each of these states in the Electoral college will determine the winner and that person will be sworn in on January 20th the Biden Harris legal, same meantime, is ramping up its response to the Trump administration and those challenges being launched. In an unusual, perhaps unprecedented move, Attorney General William Barr has instructed federal prosecutors to examine allegations of voter fraud. In states where the president has filed legal challenges to the election results. Bob Power, the lead attorney for the president elect, said bar is fueling what he calls fanciful or Farfetch claims of the election irregularities. Our predicts that despite the investigations and lawsuits, Biden will take the oath of office on January 20th. Generally in ABC News, Wilmington, Delaware. One of the president elect's first priorities will be implementing a nationwide mask mandate by working with governors if they refused. O. Biden says he'll go to mayors and county leaders. Dean of the Baylor School of Medicine, Dr Peter Hotez says something has to be done there looking pretty dire right now We're going to be moving up towards 200,000 new cases. Today Hotel says Republican leaders need to put the pressure on governors in Middle America and get them to sign on the mask mandates, which he believes will save lives. Many world leaders send congratulations to President Electro Biden after he was declared the winner, among them Britain's prime minister. But CBS is Vicki Barker tells us the social media. Good wishes turned out to be more than met the eye a few hours after the U. S networks called the election for Joe Biden, Boris Johnson tweeted a simple message of congratulations to him in white text on a black background. But an eagle eyed political blogger here spotted an anomaly when he color adjusted the message. The ghost of Donald Trump's name appeared. Behind Mr Biden's suggesting Biden's was not the victory. Boris Johnson had been expecting. Figgy Barker CBS NEWS London Problems in England schools these days as the pandemic has seen most kids slipping back in school, some losing significant ground with their social skills. Britain's education watchdog off Stead among says among all the Children, some have lost their stamina for reading one of the youngest Children. We're seeing Children who've lost vocabulary. You've lost the capacity to interact with other Children before it really basic things about Offsets Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman. The organization also worn some young Children. I forgot not to use a knife and fork er have regressed back to diapers. Racism is under investigation at Bangor High School in Maine with a new investigator, the Bangor Daily News reports. The school committee decided in August to appoint attorney Krystal Williams to investigate racism at the school since 2016, a different investigator, had been appointed in June in response to reports by black students. That other students call them racist names and defended white supremacy and slavery Bangles. Only Black City Councilor Angela Okafor joined the students and requesting an investigator be someone with similar life experiences to them. Williams is a black woman and the school committee has said some of her findings will be made public. Police chief in Arkansas has stepped down the chief of the community, posting online threats of violence targeting Democrat the resignation of police chief Lang Holland is effective immediately. Marshall Mirror Kevin Elliot says the city, in his words strongly condemns Holland's posts and doesn't support or condone bullying or threats of violence to anyone. Of any political persuasion. Holland was one of several police chiefs and sheriffs in Arkansas, who said they would not support Governor Asa Hutchinson statewide face mask requirement aimed at curbing the spread of the Corona virus. I'm my company to 50 The case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is not without ties to Boston for the disease. Karen Regal has more than 2015 Cardinal Sean O'Malley was sent a letter from a victim detailing the abuse suffered at the hands of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. O'Malley says he never saw the letter and has since apologized. O'Malley heads the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children and has said in the past What happened with McCarrick must never happen again. Karen Regal W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio and updating Tommy Hanson has died. The Celtics legend dying at the age of 86. The Boston Globe reporting This first Hansen had been involved in all of the 17. Franchises National Basketball Association titles. He was a player coach and a commentator. He collected a championship rings in nine seasons as a player. His number 15 hangs retired. In the rafters of the TD Garden. If you've got nothing to do with the evening for the next couple of nights, grab a chair. Look up in your backyard. Maybe you'll get a treat. The northern torrid meteor showers have been spotted in the sky sits October. The annual show, though, will peak tomorrow and Thursday nights. American Meteor Society says the northern torrents are visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Officials say star gazers can expect to see about five fireballs per hour. We are expecting some clouds around here and even some rain so You may be a lock campaign 2020 continue. President.

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