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This episode is brought to you by made. Well ready to step up your denim game. The experts at made well us premium fabric and the latest denim technology to make super comfy. Never wanna to take them off genes in fifths and styles for everyone kind of jeans you'll reach for again and again get twenty dollars off. Your online jeans purchased by using code spotify twenty at made well dot com terms apply. Please see made well dot com slash promos for full offer details. Hey everyone welcome to. Let's get physical. This is the podcast breaks down. Politics government structure and dives into the context of current events. But in a superfund way i'm lizzy stewart comedian feminist and political junkie and dime arden wohl antoski ormiston at intern campaign stopper and political. Strategist in this episode. We're talking about the revolutionary war. Part one sa- grab your taxation without representation and let's get cynical. Hello everyone hello..

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