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So this isn't going to be easy. We all knew that coming into this. Obviously, we're hopeful that we can get fans later this year if we do have fans. It will be in a socially distance environment. So we've been working under CDC guidelines were calling pods where you know, we will be able to get a living an amount of fans if the governor and the county's given that go ahead so You know, we're hopeful on that, but same time our player's health and safety and the and the broader community sell to safety is first and foremost for Austin, so we'll see how the coming months unfolds. We're talking Al Guido 40 Niner president on the home, I guess line Murph in Max Show Al. When you look around the NFL, and you see that, you know, different different cities and different teams are kind of taking different approaches to this and like you said. Totally understandable. You take your cues from health officials in the governor of the state, But when you see, you know, just for example, like Kansas City or Miami, saying, no work. We're bringing fans in here. I'm just curious like how much more challenging Potentially doesn't make it for your organization, when not every team is adhering to the same kind of approach. And Polly. It's been fast. I talked to Mark Donovan, who's you know, I guess my appearance can city chief and I think right now there's 21 team that wants that will start with no fans. 16 that'll be quote unquote limited fans and five teams still haven't really announced. You know, I don't think every it's not really our decision. I mean, I think it's really our county's decisions and our governor's decision. And I think in those states, obviously, you know. They're in a different situation. Let's just say that and I don't think it'll be any more than frankly 20,000 fans at any given stadium due to the CDC guidelines, and so Look, you can spend a lot of time, you know, complain in or are you saying this is unfair? We're gonna be playing stadiums with fans and we're not I think John and Kyle and Jed and everybody like we've sort of taking the approach it like it is what it is. We can't make excuses. All we can do is the best we can keep our guys healthy State now healthy. And on the field and look, this is John. I talked about it all time like this might be one of the most challenging years. So anybody that says there's an Asterix around this season. I would say it's probably one of the hardest years to win this thing and so given everything that's going on, and so you know, I'm not There will be some crowd noise and stadiums. Obviously we'll decide what's going to happen in venue on audio. You guys have seen it in some of the other sports that have happened. So we will have some audio in venue but at the end of the day, you know it won't be the same. Right. I won't be 70,000 Faysal rock in that place on DH that you know that hurts. There's no question. Yeah. And just kind of you brushed up against it there, but just some thoughts of what it will look like the baseball went with cardboard cutouts N ba went with the Elektronik virtual screen. What are you guys planning? Murph, the 1st 8 10 rows will have some form of seat covers. A lot of that was based off proximity to players. So you've seen that in a lot of sports, obviously. We? We will make the decision here shortly. We're gonna be sending it out to dio some of the fan cut out. Look, it was a good way. I mean, talking that obviously the Giants in the age of they've seen them do it. It's really we're going. We're going to sell them to a season ticket holder. But all the proceeds are going to go to the foreigners Foundation to get back in the community, and it's almost like in the old days. You guys probably still have candlesticks defy no idea, right when you bought himself are fans of actually one of these cut outs and Look, if we're raising money for a good cause, we're gonna put him probably in the end zone. They won't get as much love as they do in baseball on TV, because you know how football shot it's pretty. You know, you're only gonna see pride of seat covers, but we're excited to put them out there and hopefully our season ticket holders. You know, we'll support and sending the photos from social media when they got him at their house washing on the couch. And then in terms of audio, like for example, our good friend Paul Tonelli, who's your guy? The Giants have run l there. Would you guys still have a guy's Tonelli saying? This is third down? It's a good question. Definitely no way. Need to. P ay. It feels like old Friday night lights to a degree, right where you see a guy from a long way away. The DEA D a will be there will still be able to do a lot of video board stuff for our players. Obviously we want to try to create some environment in the building, right? I think we all everybody's got their opinion on. You know whether the artificial noise is good, not good at home. You know what I would say is like I think the broadcasters are doing a really good job. On DH. Frankly, I think the competitive nature of the sport itself I was a little worried about that. But you know, these games have been they've been heated. They've been good and and so I feel good about that. We will have no what we will have like an unalterable noise in the building. Almost like you know, if you sleep with white noise, they're a fan like and then there's a discussion that's going to happen here in about nine minutes on Like how loud that noise Khun go, And so there's a discussion is is just kind of a murmur or does it crank up and down based off, obviously being in a home crowd? There's a lot of opinions on that. I mean, look, you could easily make the argument that at a home game, you know the decibel rating for a stadium and so could you. Pipe in noise up to that decibel rating. You know, I don't know the answer. But we're about to find all that out and kind of the next called 7 to 10 days before we kick off. I mean, here's the obvious joke, right? You just guys gotta call Seattle and say, Hey, you guys have been doing this for years. What's the secret? With without naming names. I can promise you there might have been a few of the team in the conference seriously. The reality is I mean, there's probably a number of stadiums where you know for us. I mean, it removed some of the home field advantage that they have right when you go on the road and play a lot. A lot of this has been talked about writing basketball mean how important was the feeding? You know which It's tough, right? You fight all year to get that feed for exactly the reason we're all talking about right now. How much of an advantage last year? You guys go back to it? I mean that stop in Seattle right on the one inch line. And what that meant, having known field throughout right and have it all South games that Levi's, and so that's why I like what I would tell our fans and and everybody is like we have a long way to go..

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