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S. this is Matt Bigler with the KCBS special report how bay area homeless are tapping into the electrical grid at taxpayer expense it is dangerous is destroying twenty votes he will get you Harvey K. CBS news time three thirty one CBS news update U. S. markets may be ready to rebound after the worst single day drop in history triggered in part by corona virus fears Dow futures are up over one thousand president trump will ask Congress to pass a payroll tax cut substantial really very substantial relief that's a big that's a big number the White House says Mr trump has not been tested for the virus despite proximity to his new chief of staff CBS is Catherine Herridge lark meadows has confirmed directly with CBS news that he took a precautionary tests for Kobe nineteen and that it's come back negative he also confirmed that he is self quarantine for this fourteen day period and that will expire on Wednesday there are now seven hundred eighty six infections in the U. S. and twenty six deaths hard hit Italy is on lockdown CBS's animatronic of from Rome they can still do many things provided that they respect the droplet roulette is keep at least three feet away from other people so within their own communities they can go to work take public transportation or go to a restaurant CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez case CBS news time three thirty to the CDC says social distancing is one aspect of controlling and preventing the spread of coronavirus CBS evening news anchor Norah o'donnell discusses that with medical correspondent Dr Jon LaPook why is the CDC using that phrase social distancing and does it work well it's basically figuring out ways to keep us away from each other and there is evidence that it does work in the nineteen eighty eighteen flu pandemic cities that adopted it they had fewer mortality than cities that didn't so yes there's evidence you mentioned of course the flu which affects millions killed at least twenty thousand people here in the U. S. every year so explain why public health officials are so concerned about the corona virus well we are still concerned about the food when you're ready kills a lot of people but that is a difference right with the flu we know come spring come rain or shine it's going to start to die down so it's predictable that way and there is a vaccine and there's a treatment like Tamiflu with corona virus we don't know what's going to happen with the warm weather it may die down it may not there's no treatment known there's no vaccine and unlike the flu you can have some immunity from past flu seasons there's no immunity to this new coronavirus and what that all adds up to is uncertainty which Wall Street hates and Americans hate and John I have to get you to address the issue of these tests do we have enough tests are people going to be able to get the test to find out if they have corona virus are we getting near some sort of turning point on that we all hope so it's been very frustrating right now without these diagnostic kits I mean places like South Korea were able to test almost two hundred thousand people and here in the United States we were able to make a diagnosis and in places like Washington state where people have obvious symptoms but what's going on in the rest of the country is it possible that people have very few symptoms or even no symptoms until we have these diagnostic kits we're not gonna get our arms around it once we do get our arms around it will have the ability to figure out a better plan for getting it under control Dr Jon LaPook of CBS news with Norah o'donnell well the grand princess cruise ship is docked at the port of Oakland after being stalled out and see for the past ten days and KCBS Doug sovereigns as it will take another day or two to off load the boat has the giant light cruise ship tied up in a remote dock in Oakland's outer harbor passengers waved and cheered from their balconies one shared this video with KCBS as those aboard reacted to truckers at the ports honking.

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