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Your host and I'm talking with Kevin Manson from Lee country optimist club and joining us today in this segment is Gillian race who is a recent Erro head high school graduate who will be attending the university of Cincinnati this fall first of all congratulations on your graduation thank you I before we get to Gillian though she's gonna lab or a little bit on the script but let's have Kevin talk to us a little bit more about what that is exactly so Kevin explain the program that you want to implement throughout the Erro head feeder schools thank you I will there seven feeder schools and to the ahead high school and with this true Brooke great program it's going to be for the the first two quarters of of the of the academic year starting that this year and it's the the student in middle school that shows the most perseverance correct in any area it could be an academic or non academic okay so it doesn't have to just be in our behind on on math and they took it upon himself to study their math facts they brought their math grade up that would be an example another example could be let's say a student just doesn't is afraid to being picked on at at and at recess so didn't want to go outside at recess because we know bowling is a big it's very real thing unfortunately it's it's real and you know it and I can understand that kid feeling that way yeah so then you got to think of okay he's gonna either just not confronted or in and just keep hiding from it or find a way to make it happen so he could you know make sure that he's and close side of a teacher make sure that the teacher knows to keep an eye out talk to the teacher you know advocate for yourself so those are ways that they could win in that particular school so there seven schools and the winners of each school will win a twenty dollar visa card and they'll receive a plaque those seven winners then have a chance to win the grand prize of two hundred dollars and it's a visa card also nice I think a kid can figure out something to do with two hundred dollars those who middle school but they're there the product will be life with grit or without credit and they can present it in an essay form a speech a slide show song whatever way they want to do it the limit is five minutes and after it in that would be presented at an optimist club meeting all the members with Dan choose the the winner after that meeting is over so so someone's involved in sports they couldn't say comes in a basketball game and see the guts or the resiliency or the integrity or the tenacity or any of those other things we talked about it's got a do you have like grit it's got to be about the prompt the life with or without credit so yeah yeah you couldn't I suppose it could be through acted that are athletics but it's that we're not going to get the whole club go to middle school basketball game that way okay I can see a lot of people just killing two birds with one stone well see me playing a love basketball find yourself as a football player right yeah yeah yeah my daughter is a basketball player today all there you go there you go yeah come and see us in action you'll for sure see some grit I mean it's obvious to see it in a in a in a sports situation if much but it obviously shows itself in the area of academics as well you know we talk again about tenacity you know if if you're striving for four point no or you know striving for certain goal and you really need to stick to that in order to achieve that goal that you know that's an example of how you might be shown to NASA the in some way but we'll Gillian I'm sure your your situation is is what could be possibly similar to a number of other kids your age tell us about your success with developing grit and why you think it's so important so through my school years I have struggled with dyslexia and I never really liked to practice reading or it never really enjoyed wanting to you know really get better at it because it just kind of made me feel bad about myself in some ways and just really let down but throughout my school years I have definitely met some great teachers who have really helped me and taught me how to do you up and practice ways though at I can get better at reading and you know really understand why it is so important now and for the rest of my life sure yeah and so going through middle school and high school I really you know taken the time to set aside you know hours or maybe even like a just a few minutes where I can practice on my reading and practice on you know what I need to get done like homework and are studying for tests and I really think that I have band super successful now because I've been able to know what to do and know how to study now and know what reading techniques work for me which has been able to help me graduate from high school and now I will be going on to college and there is Cincinnati that is exciting yes and do you think you could have gotten to where you were without the help of the of a teacher or some adult coming along side you and helping you yeah I definitely not I mean my teachers there all of them there so kind and so sweet and you know they can support it yes and supportive and they really have all open their arms like to me and really helped me and gave me you know special techniques again and ways to really be successful which I really appreciate it I bet and I think if you reach out and you let it first of all I give you kudos for coming this far that's awesome but also for opening your mouth because of how many times have we heard about a student that's struggling and they don't tell anybody you know I think the first step like anything is just owning up to that I mean we all have something right you know we all have some challengers of adversity and first recognizing you know what I struggle with this I need to tell somebody so that somebody can help you because unless they know older I can be able to help you right yeah well thank you for sharing your story there I think it's great and congratulations on developing that skill that you will now be able to that helped you through high school as you said but no one will now help you as you enter college so that's wonderful thank you thank you for sharing your story yeah and she's you know she talked about the support that she had in mind I know there's great teachers out there but she doesn't give yourself enough credit where's she's the one that you know you can have support but she's one has to do it and she's the one that took the initiative to do it so our server and when we talked about having this show and if you know if you wanted to bring somebody in she was the first one I thought of so yeah and I'm glad she said yes to it because it is a little being on the radio yeah great job absolutely awesome job well we may have some opportunities for you to plug in some more as we go through the interview here but so the club is a community service organization as you explain in the mission statement Kevin I understand it's a new club at least in lake country and yes national organization that's been around for awhile so what are some of the community service events that the lake country optimist club has been involved with well with only a little over three years old there three years three months old but we did have it put on a chilly dinner for the heartland fire department now we supported the community preparing this event that was put on by the Hartland police and fire department of words supporting the lines disease awareness walk and run we adopted a highway for clean up and we will be in the Hartland parade so very good for fourth of July it's good it's going to be actually the Sunday so it's June thirtieth but it's for the fourth of July yeah yeah so you have a low a number of local events that you participate in which is awesome so my question would be then how are the funds raised you know you talked about a lot of programs and scholarships that you offer but the money has to come from somewhere right so yeah where does it come from we we actually had a broad freight Hartland Piggly wiggly and we also had a a fundraiser that covers help this sponsor rate at colder swear they we get a portion of their profits if we would clean tables and run mails out so okay we did that we're actually having a tracks right and it's it's index and we also have an are our biggest one is a fundraiser that's tied to the NFL were every week of the season you get a four teams and you have a chance to win now that's a big yeah if within our district that's a big one each and every year so you tell me about that when we met the first time we met finance fantasy football idea I've never been involved with anything like that but I know there are a lot of people that are that's your thing it is an opportunity for you to get involved so because you're relatively new you probably looking to add to your membership base right how can people learn more about the lake country optimist club and how can they get involved well the more members that we have the more that we can get more programs that we can provide for our youth so when they can visit us at Facebook like country optimist they can go on the website I've missed that org they can call me a four one four eight five two zero three four seven or K. Matson at K. W. dot com and I know that was a lot there but the the key thing is that the more people that we have it's not only going to be you know supporting our youth is number one but it's also going to make our community a better place to be sure yeah so yeah so lake lake country optimist club our Facebook it's probably a good place to start and that'll give dates and events that you have coming up that at any given time okay so you would mention that when someone wants to present do some kind of presentation that they do so at a meeting so how often and we're do you meet we need to actually we are chili dinner at the heartland fire department so they offered to the fire department to so that's what we need I am very good it's one time it's the third Wednesday of every month and it's one hour it's the meetings are long so it's not a big time commitment and it's it's it's a great facility and and the I can't stress this part enough though when you become if you know it without to miss everyone there is there such quality people are mean our members are just outstanding yeah hi integrity just great people to be around so if it's not only you know the camaraderie of the members but then you also have the service that you're doing also so it's fun wonderful well thank you Kevin for all you do and stuff and for starting the.

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