President Trump, North Korea, Paul Allen discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


The world's financial leaders about the impact, of protectionism on growth as for trade and tariffs Thomas Shaw is chairman and CEO of kief Bretton Woods, I think it all goes to uncertainty and uncertainty is continuing to build. The market really hasn't had a lot, of indigestion, yet with this uncertainty but I think as. Of now the data's still has been quite, strong and I think that we all need to stay on guard to see when it starts to show up in the data and I think that's, when the markets. Are going. To begin to care, a, lot, more s., and p. five hundred index, up five two tenths of one percent the Dow down fourteen down about one One tenth of, one percent NASDAQ up twenty one up three tenths of one percent. In New York Charlie, Pellett Bloomberg daybreak Asia and we're at thirty four past the hour let's get the mood in. The Asia, Pacific. Sydney and that's where we find. Paul Allen he's got his eye on New Zealand. And the pre market for Australia. Good morning Paul yeah morning Doug the mood kinda relaxed New Zealand at the moment looking very flat the index just turning five points to the upside is futures however high by a third of one percent. And this is despite commodity prices easing on off about. Half a percent to just under sixty three dollars ton and the AUSSIE dollar weakening as well that's back below seventy four cents now seventy three. Spots seventy nine Doug all right, thanks to Bloomberg's Paul Allen the dollar, strengthened debate against the majors during the New York session with the Bloomberg dollar spot rising about two tenths of one percent. We are building on those gains right now in early Asian trading with the Bloomberg dollar spot index higher by one tenth of one, percent little bit of pullback, not much in the yen against the Dollar here at one. Eleven forty six futures trading in. Chicago on the Nikkei have is, about. Ninety five. Points above where. We finished in the cash market yesterday we'll be talking more about the bond market coming up here on daybreak Asia but the ten year treasury. Last quoted in New York at a yield of two ninety five so that's where the action. Is going to begin on the other side of the top of, the hour in the Tokyo session David Let's have a look at global news right now well I if you follow President. Trump, on Twitter some tough love there between the US and Iran I'm kind of, wondering whether or not in about two months sign they get together we see a summit similar. To North Korea I think that's what the president is kind of shooting for a tough love you said with tongue in cheek. Correct Love yes? Okay The Trump administration deploying the same type of tactics at did. With, North Korea David, in all caps tweet the tough love from, president, to president Rwanda. Saying any threats our actions. Will bring consequences the likes of which few throughout history have suffered before. Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says maximum pressure on Iran's ability. To move money the center of this campaign is the reimposition of sanctions on Iran's banking. And energy sectors as we've explained explained the, last few weeks our focuses to work with countries importing Iranian crude oil to get imports as close to zero as. Possible, by, November fourth yeah Ryan says it can cut oil supplies to that will cause production and supply ripples around the globe and return US decision advisor to people doing or wanting to do business, with North Korea warning. Of the risks that's. A Yonhap report Japan has recorded its. Hottest temperature ever one hundred six degrees north. West of Tokyo death toll is said now to be at least, forty South Korea, suffering as, well. Reporting Least, ten deaths US President. Trump is pondering cancelling..

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