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O'reilly Perron scored for sT Louis debris scored for Boston. And now the blues as we said of three two series lead heading back to Saint Louis for a game numbers. Six. On the NBA Friday night, will be game number four of the NBA finals. Of course, the raptors lead the warriors two games to one. They'll tip in Oakland shortly after nine eastern time while Kevin Durant will not play in game four he continues to recover from a right calf injury. But it looks like Klay Thompson is expected to return after missing game three because of a hamstring injury. Meanwhile, the NBA is banned warriors investor. Mark Stevens for one season. They've also find him five hundred thousand dollars that after he shoved Kyle Lowry and repeatedly cursed at him during game three the NBA finals at oracle. The NFL the eagles and Carson Wentz agreed to a four year contract extension through twenty twenty four. It's worth one hundred twenty eight million one hundred seven million guaranteed. All right to baseball, the Braves agreed to terms with left-hander Dallas kaikal. It's a one year deal worth thirteen million. The physical is Friday in Atlanta. I started scheduled for Saturday in AAA. Meanwhile, the Braves lost to the pirates on Thursday, six to one elsewhere, Metz over the giant, seven three raise beat the Tigers six to one Red Sox. Seven royals five cardinals. Over the reds three to one brewers beat the Marlins. Five to one Rockies three one of the cubs Astros, and fourteen over the Mariners..

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