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Age 12 and up is also amazing on DH thanks to Operation work speed. On. The government has already pre ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine because of warp speed. We have the needles, syringes, Everything's ready. The infrastructure delivered is ready and even the vials Finally being made here in the U. S. And we're ready to go. So that's wonderful news and the other news that we heard was about the importance of humidity and indoor spaces that when the humidity is lower, 30% you have double amount of the viral load. And the dispersion distance of the virus. How it's spread affected when it's more human. In 60%, you have half the amount of virus that's a good thing to go on his show. Does that mean if we if you keep your bedroom and they have extra humidifiers and keep it over 60 degrees at 60. The virus has a good shot of dying well, you get to the weather, the environment. It probably just sinks to the floor and it weighs down. Fall down. So between that and ultraviolet C In the air handlers of restaurants did that It would be probably a lot safer on people with more people and more businesses would be able to open up. The people started paying attention to the air quality and around the world. We see the climate temperature, humidity all effects. The So that's the key number 60. If it goes to 80, it's no good. If it goes to 40. It's no good right wearing masks more not about not watching it. It's more about people are coffin needed not to give it because the fluid dynamics lab at M I T showed that it could go up to 26 ft with a coffin A sneeze, so wearing the mask is more about stopping it. Stopping the spread. Now let me ask you another question. One more important question. If somebody clubs up upon my mask and and viruses on my mask, and then when I go indoors, I take your mask off. I put in my pocket. Was the virus trauma pocket. There's drawn my handkerchief. It's probably sitting there in your pocket. What's the life span? Well, that's what we really don't know. Again. It depends on temperature, humidity. Exposure to UV. Are you outdoors? Are you indoors? There are many, many factors. Dr Peter Mitchell. Oh, stiff. We accomplished something. This morning We accomplished a 60 knowing that the vaccine is coming from visor knowing that keep it of 60 degrees on your humidifier 60%. And we Don't put your mask in your pocket. That's all very positive news. We want to keep everyone safe out there and we're very fortunate. Thank you for always getting the truth out about what's happening with the virus. I look forward to seeing you that you've read Army hellos, and we're gonna get you an email address at WNBC. So you people could respond to you. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day and thank you Keep safe, everyone, But this is the catch. Roundtable Be rightback. W A B. C.

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