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In Glendale, we have a big deal going on westbound one thirty four after Pacific avenue crash that's taking up the left lane. And you are literally stop from the two in Irwindale now northbound six five before live oak road, we have a crash that one's taking up middle lanes and your at across from lower Zuza or Holly, thanks so much. We're gonna get some clouds later this evening with lows in the fifty s should be mostly sunny tomorrow with highs in the sixties right now, sixty one degrees in Santa Barbara at five. Twenty. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm also Chang, and Mary Louise Kelley one week after the terror attack that killed fifty people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch the government of New Zealand broadcast, the Muslim call to prayer from one of those mosques. Mm. Soon. Thousands of people attended today's service, including prime minister Jacinta Arden in a statement. She quoted the prophet Muhammed believe is in the mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy I just like one body. When any Pat of the body suffers the whole Audie feels pain. Mourns with you. We are one among those their analysts Ning NPR's, rob Schmitz. He has been a New Zealand all week. He joins me now. Hey, rob Lewis sounds like this was incredibly emotional yet again today. What was it like to be at this prayer service? Yeah. I think the service helped the country in the community. He'll after the prayer ran into someone named Akmal Ali who just arrived from Auckland family member of his was shot, but his okay and his best friend or shot in the lower back he survived, but he's never going to walk properly. Again, Ali talked to me about the shooter. And here's what he said. I.

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