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Of, workers have joined unions at businesses across the state. Including jet blue Harvard University and Marlborough hospital meantime in, Chicago was scheduled anti Violence demonstration at O'Hare, airport could cause some delays for. Those trying to get home from the long weekend group is calling, the movement hashtag shutdown O'Hare protesters plan to walk onto one of the busy feeder, ramps heading from the interstate to O'Hare airport but it will not state police captain David bird says traffic will be uninterrupted he says they. Are prepared to make arrests if necessary contingencies are in place to prepare for. That also but that's. Not, our goal in August the group shut down, a portion of Chicago's lake shore drive the protesters have several demands including that mayor Rahm Emanuel resign, Ryan burrow, ABC, news Chicago for people are still missing after Saturday's boat crash on the Colorado river between Arizona and California witnesses say all passengers were thrown into the water when the two boats collided and then sank one of those boats Halid held ten passengers the other vessel asleep craft was carrying six boaters when it collided in the. River north of, lake havasu investigators are still looking into what caused the two, boats to hit, head on nine people were hurt including two who were air Lifted in critical condition several federal agencies have come down to assist in combing over the two mile wide area savy sees Jade Hernandez officials to say none of the boaters or, wearing, life jackets when the collision occurred WBZ news time eight eleven we've got traffic and weather together coming, up in about ninety seconds great. Community. There this morning, but we turn now. Of course to Charlie Berge who standing by patiently waiting tell you all about sports and the gays hticket. Dot com sports studio good morning to call the Red Sox and White Sox split therefore game set this weekend finale of the series yesterday Red Sox shut out for the sixth time, this season at eight nothing final Brian Johnson could not get through the second inning allowing four runs so, twenty four games to go the Red Sox lead remains seven and a half over the. Yankees in the east as Detroit beat New York's eleven to seven Red Sox play three in Atlanta beginning today and then after. This series the. Red Sox play fifteen or their final twenty one games at Fenway eighteen to go the Dell technologies golf, championship in Norton Abraham and Enter a one shot lead over Bryson to Shambo and Terrell Hatton answer began. The week ninety second, in, the FedEx Cup standings he's now fifth Michael that I've always dreamed. About winning PGA tour event. Playing this sport for since I can really remember so it'd be obviously a dream country Abraham answer the top seventy in the FedEx Cup. Standings advanced, to play next week at the BMW championship in Pennsylvania eight. Patriot, players who had been. Cut on Saturday signed back. To the. Practice squad yesterday tight end Ryan Rizzo placed on injured, reserve game one of the two thousand eighteen season Sunday at, Gillette against Houston is finally here so we got. A lot of preparation to start diving in on these guys get going really start to recall right bads patriots center David Andrews, linebacker marquees flowers who was cut Saturday has. Signed with his former coach, Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions college football last night LSU knocked off eighth ranked Miami final at thirty-three seventeen Charlie Birger on WBZ sports.

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