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For the naira bets best bet. It is is the naira beds best bet. Take it away, buddy. It's the 9th race at Santa Anita on Saturday the sweet life handicap $100,000 grade three event. And I'm really into Graham motions or rika. I thought last time out versus boys ran well in New York, I thought they figured it out. The horse wants a turf sprint. I think it's gonna be really, really competitive here. Great sign that won Hernandez does not go to Northern California to run in the el Camino real for a pricey horse that he had an opportunity to. I don't think this is an amazing field. I think arika is in a really good shape to score to decent price. All right, so nice price there and I like your comment. It's not an amazing field. I think we can all agree with that. It's definitely not an amazing field for a grade three effort, the suite life at Santa Anita. I'm going to go to Tampa Bay downs and race number 8 the sun coast. No, I'm not going to put number two nest as my best bet of the weekend. My best bet is going to be exact as in the race because I'm going to try to beat the second and third choices on the morning line. I don't love number three. A little love and luck who's one dirt start was just fair at best. I don't love number 7 hot penny who's coming off a fourth place finish in the gas barilla. I thought both of the Phillies who were coming off maiden scores in their debuts ran very well and have every right to be even better second time out. Those are number 6 peaceful surprise at ten to one. Number 8 princess elin at 12 to one. I don't know if they're good enough to beat nest yet, but I think they're definitely good enough to be second at decent prices. So I am going to hammer a couple of exact in the suncoast two 6 and two 8 hoping to get a good mutual if one of those bigger prices runs under the big favorite nest in the sun coast stakes. All right, Dave, all 12 races in the books seems like we're done for the weekend, but we're not done for the weekend. As there's another huge addition of the equine form presented by twin spires coming up tomorrow morning. And to be honest, I don't know how Mike Pence is gonna fit all of this in on tomorrow's show 8 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. First of all, two time eclipse award winning trainer Brad Cox takes your phone calls in this week's edition of you be the host, champion apprentice jockey, Jessica pyfer looks back on her award winning season. Hall of Fame trainer Steve asimus and talks about echo Zulu who's back in training, as well as super stock and his top Derby hopefuls. Trainer safi Joseph junior discusses the holy bull winner white a barrio, as well as springboard mile winner, make it big. Kentucky west racing owner Patrick O'Keefe looks ahead to classic causeway in tomorrow's Sam F Davis. That's not all. Jockey Mitchell murrell talks about his milestone 1000th career win plus another edition of I asked the answer with trainer Dale Romans and turf writer Tim wilkin, Kurt Becker stroll through racing history presented by lane's end and keenland and calling all three year olds presented by spendthrift. I have no idea how Mike Pence is going to fit all of this in in just a three hour span. It is going to be a fantastic addition of the equine form presented by twin spires tomorrow morning 8 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. And I know you're a huge fan of that you be the.

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