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You need. This becomes a challenging process and often there's horse trading involved in the resource allocation most of the time. If i asked pretend bodies. I'm going to get less. So maybe i'll get seven gripe right. When you're thinking about resource allocation was the right way to actually position yourself to get what you need as opposed to what you want here. So there's the big company small company situation here again right so your example of like kind of the horse trading. I'm going to ask for ten. And i'll get two or five. Whatever it is is a great example of how that happens in many companies. I actually think that there's a more strategic approach to this. Which is there is a clear alignment of how many resources are associated to certain goals. And if those goals are then funded. They will happen if they're not funded. They won't happen so it makes it a little more transactional whereas the organization is making an investment and the same rule applies the small organizations. If you're in a small organization and you're planning on trying to get something done or achieved say it'd be a goal around content or a goal around redefining how you might have you know your platform platform migration or improvement. You know these are things that will often require you to make investments whether it be with agencies consultants or third parties to make this happen and you have to be mindful of that trade off to join as we wrap up planning week and you think about the annual planning process. This is an exercise. We do in november or december to get ready for january to make sure that we hit the ground running in the next year. You have a clean slate. everything starts over. Everybody comes in their new close to their new feeling job and starts to feel successful all over. How do you keep that feeling. How do you keep that sort of sense of direction and momentum throughout the year. Yeah so this is kind of like taking a road trip right and you set out to take this road trip your plan. You figure out exactly where you're gonna make your pitstops where you're going to sleep for the night. How you're going to ultimately get to your destination right but you never know. You might get a flat tire along the way in that. Might throw a wrench in your home plan in so the best way to approach this is ensure that you are leveraging the ability to be flexible right. We talked about it in the last episode in the same rules. Apply when it comes to resourcing that you're creating the appropriate buffers in the appropriate resource plan to ensure that you're allowing yourself the time to measure and adapt and change in course correct along the way because great. Seo plans are never going to be start to finish scenario. That isn't how it works. There's going to be challenged throughout the year. Hopefully not always as big as kovin. But there's going to be things that come your way and requests that come from the company throughout a given time period. Yeah you know. I think that you call it sandbagging. I call it flexibility plans. You do wanna build in the ability for breakage and you also need to build in heart of your process to be able to evaluate your performance pitcher plans and communicate. What you're doing to the rest of your organization you might say we're gonna hit a million downloads of our podcast this year and look in january if you're sitting there with one thousand downloads. You're pretty far away. It's unlikely that you're gonna hit the end goal. You're going to have to edit those goals of obvious. I'm speaking in podcast terms. Because it's what i'm familiar with. You know page views crawls. Whatever your goals are you'd need to be evaluating your performance regularly figuring out what trajectory iran and communicating that upwards of the rest. Your organization understands our jordan. Any last words about planning before we let you go. I will just say this ben. Don't let our last five episodes be at all intimidating. The most important piece that you can take away from. Here's write it down. Write it down. Write it down. And if you really need to get a little bit of feedback. It's some insights from other folks. Hey reach out to us on twitter. Happy to help. I think that this is never an easy exercise for any organization smaller large. So that's just where. I'll leave it all right and that wraps wraps up planning week on the voices of search podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation. With jordan kuni seo strategist and advisor to search metrics. If you'd like to get in touch with jordan you can find a link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on twitter. His handle is the packers suck. I mean jt. His handle is j. J. t. k. o. e. n. e. Or you could visit his website. Which is jordan. Kuni dot com a special thanks to search metrics for sponsoring this podcast. If you need help understanding how page experience ranking factors are impacting your website contact search metrics for a step by step guide to navigating the newly launched core web vitals and the laws will help you identify areas of focus for your website and they can even support you with ongoing audits for your audit could search metrics dot com slash c w v at search metrics dot com slash c w v. Just one more. Lincoln are shown. Said let's tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you were listening to this podcast head over to voices of search dot com where we have some resolve our episodes and contact information for guests. Do you can also send us your topic. Suggestions your seo questions or you can apply to be a guest speaker on the voices of search podcast. Of course you can always reach out on. Social media are handle. His voices of search on twitter and my personal handle is benjy shop b. e. n. j. s. h. a. p. and if you haven't subscribed yet and you want a daily stream of seo content marketing insights in your podcast feed. We're gonna publish an episode every day during the workweek so hit the subscribe button on your podcast app and we'll be back in your feed tomorrow morning. All right. that's it for today but until next time remember. The answers are always in the data..

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