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News regarding Lionel Messi. It seems like his inching closer to a move to Major League Soccer, specifically to inter Miami according to a report by the athletic. In the report manager Phil Neville even talks about the things that would need to change in order to accommodate Missy in the team and how MLS commissioner has even said that the league and the team would have to think outside the box to craft a deal to land Lionel Messi in south beach. Taking his talents. To south beach, it seems like a true possibility. Now, did you just do that? Of course. I had to do it. And I hope he does it in the press conference and says that the exact boys and girls club. But he says Germain was just eliminated from the Champions League. They lost to Bayern. Yeah, 'cause it's march, and that's what happens. That's exactly what happens. Do you believe that actually brings this possibility closer that messy place Major League Soccer in the near future? Absolutely. Next season. Absolutely. According to this an article that Pablo maran Felipe carnes wrote, a source within inter Miami told them that it was all but done, waiting on messy. PSG out again, that's two for two at this stage in the round of 16. With Messi, that's 5 of the last 7 years. It's not going to happen from there. He's on standby with PSG. Saudi Arabia looks slimmer and slimmer by the day, especially when you think of messing what he wants to accomplish. Going back to Rosario with newells, where it all started, well, you know what happened to Anthony's father's market with the organized crime and being shot up, if you will. All signs point to enter Miami all signs point to Miami. Now, Don Garber spoke at length with the athletic about how would have to get creative. Back in 2007, the first year David Beckham took a 5 year $250 million offer plus an option to buy a franchise at 25 million and there was an activation clause that he had to play all 5 years for that to be triggered. Now Leon el

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