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I, I don't even know heard a few of them, and it goes with the amazing to hear you know, I guess the hardest part is a lot of people don't wanna name names that a lot of these stories, if you don't, if you don't say, who, who they were not quite as good as, if you knew they were a buddy, who played in the NFL for awhile, who's a great storyteller. He speaks this vertical journeyman but went over I think he was in the. Was in Germany, and somebody told and he wanted to he was getting introduced he wanted to say something to the crowd in German and was told by somebody what to say and then the crowd that was kind of a hush and then there was big cheers for it because what he said, was not what he intent what he thought he was saying it was something really crude. And that guy became a little bit of a folk hero over there and his disguise personality personalities to play it up anyway. But so their stories like that, where lost in translation, definitely would work over there. I think so. So hopefully somebody will pick up the ball and run with it this case. All right. Chuck will we appreciate your insight? Look forward to seeing seeing you guys in the fall is, as I said, Chuck McDonald's lead producer for the Gus Johnson, Joel Jenny tapped crew at Fox Sports. You're gonna see a lot of them early in the day on our schedule. Joel, so Chuck, thanks for joining us on the audible today. Appreciate the done. So already, please subscribed. The audible apple podcast, Google play Spotify wherever you get your podcast, Lima's, a five star review, all your at it helps get the word out. Thanks to trader Joe's being are presenting sponsor our producer Nick pink are themes on his dangerous like having the octave, you download their music on itunes and Spotify. Follow me stew at S L Mandel on Twitter, Bruce at Bruce Feldman CFP and subscribe to the athletes, we haven't done, so already drive for free seven-day free trial at death letting dot com slash free trial. Stoppage..

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