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Goodness. Warm buff all. So it's IT'S GONNA come down to the one thing you know representative Gary was saying yeah? Much paper you got now. We had hundred of rules in attic. You? No, we just kept accumulating Cinta. M. One. Stuff so I'm feeling pretty good. Roles women in black people are buying guns in record numbers. You know there's going to save the Second Amendment probably. This was a show done by the left leaning Liberal. Anymore Tempur. dimples. Popular guys the Big House in Virginia. Now I I think Look there's no stop by and say. Government Agency pay record hundred and fourteen million dollars to an anonymous whistleblower. Wow. With a blown pays A. Bunch of people getting on it now this is something. Richard Grove. Did Richard Grove when he came across a, he's on Wall Street came across enormous corruption under fitting man these guys gotta pay and went through the whole and and he had not so much. Well. The trump administration I wonder if they're greasing the skids for this, you know making sure. Okay you gotta get paid. Where the? This. Before emo before was you know you got your life destroy? You think Oh, just because the law says. not well, maybe now. Happens. When all these people start birth, we'll see. Got A? Email Lynn Oprah and we published. Cross over extreme the our. You know. Among people real this a possible solution to the content Indian decrypted is essential online privacy. Service providers are able to eavesdrop on your communication. So your pictures and piece together your whole life. Crust your information private, but they won't. Use It at a garage you track you and sell you to advertise or give you over to big brother. However, as the article points out, some people are abusing privacy. Well, he goes in. There may be, but he's imprisoned happens after this electable trump, they'll start pardoning the people. Well has a petition for Brooke I. I vote raw maybe you will. He'll. Just goes and your free and you and you and you and you and you and. Hopefully, we'll see what happens. On Home Depot co-founder Slams Joe Biden's crazy tax planners video. Now, you got corporations actually coming out. Can Asai saying something about freaking time I I'm surprised there aren't more and all this stuff is inc.. Here in Michigan mapped not so much but it's county. You know the governor's. Making any love is it going to be taken back by county is at the activism that's coming. I think. So in Arizona Northeastern Zona Navajo, county had a a free county project. And this was that you know. Takata involved a bunch of the activists moved up there. They did. They wanted to have a free county all but they push back. They understand this is a county thing. Local communities I'm seeing that. Allen powers has been. Ignored and when they do communities even the Commissioner of. Some bureaucrats everything and we could see this happened in the midnight. It was part of sustainable development by our mental move metal they knew they had to get down to. To do exactly what they're doing right now it's a county. Of course state legislators but I'm I'm a after. National Often, I? Think. Focus on the local is that's what we're trying to do here now. People need having our local your phone Bubba show you. What I because I see that Thomas going to be simple thought..

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