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Any satisfaction? Because in cases like this, no one wins. Police say shooting at someone else when he had no son in the chest. Nineteen year old man was also shot, but survived brisker signed an executive order to make sure every Illinois and his counted in the twenty twenty cents is used to determine how federal funding is divided up among states for vital services, like health care road, construction, and education. So billions of dollars in federal funding are on the line. Stay could also lose representation in congress. New state budget includes twenty nine million dollars for the new census office and community outreach, and the head of the own gaming port is step down after four years attorney down, Tracy was named chairman by then governor Bruce rounder and early twenty fifteen router cited Tracy's acumen as an attorney and business owner his resignation comes as Pritzker is expected to greatly expand gambling in the state authorizing new land based casinos in several cities, including Chicago, a spokesman for the governor said Thursday, a replacement would. Be named soon Don club in WGN news. And it's time to check WGN sports right now. Here's Mr. Mark. Thank you. Roger, good morning and good morning to your newest Chicago bull Koby white scored more points as a freshman than Michael Jordan did at North Carolina. Happy about this. They needed a point guard. I, I like him. I like him a lot. He's his father passed away, Steve. He's planned for his dad, has hash tag on Twitter FM for my father is dead recently dead. I had a couple years ago, interviewed him before the draft great kid, he fits any little bit of a score. I point guard. Both got a lot of guys who wanna shoot the basketball, but I do like the pick a lot. I sent he would have picked somebody else. I you know I try to hit home runs in life. Steve Sekou Doumbia who went fifteen overall. Yeah. And again, if you had the sake of debris, get to a doctor immediately. It's nothing but this this, this fits the need, and we'll hear from John Paxson coming up a little bit. Later on the show and seems like the bulls are going to be very active in free agency and don't get the same job. John, welcome to the show. Good morning over there, buddy John's laughing because he's had. He knows painful look sake. Eighteen years old could shoot. It could drive it. That's about to seven. Yeah. You don't wanna get the sake, then you're, you're absolutely right. All right. Let's visuals. Also draft second in the second round Daniel gaffer number thirty eight six Levin. Big men out of Arkansas cubs winner over the Mets seven to four your other favorite guy. Steve Edberg AL's away, big night for the rookie and abandoned, Ed renounced dominate worst band names, ever, by the way. Retired twelve and thirteen metres. He faced last night. Steve. Abner. Egbert edberg. Yeah. Because I wanted to name him Egbert, right? Right. Right. You know he's these the first cub Fisher to get a win in his first. It is big league debut Newburgh hundred pickup. No Ryan O'Malley. No. They went to Steve. She sees check in the nine over and hunting is not exactly. No over at Humperdinck was a singer in the seventies jump. Yeah. Long. Tom Jones contemporary, yeah. Inglewood humperdinck. His name is Engelbert, Humperdinck a real person. Not his real name to women went nuts over. Mary, not me. Mary that she went nuts over del women. My mother had a crush on really my mother. My mother's name was, was Sonja. She wanted to be Sonia. Humperdinck is girl. Is there Google images of Humperdinck than I could check out this handsome man? Song raindrops book. No. That's not true. Mary was fixed song was drudgery. No. He didn't sing raindrops. Did he? Between greengrass? Green green grass was that Tom Jones. Release me, please. Release me was that. Or let me just like it sounds. We'll get back to Humperdinck in a moment comes around was he drafted Humperdinck? Seventh round draft pick Humperdinck cubs are rolling rigged twenty six and twelve now. And yes, they will be back there today. One twenty game Mets in the Cubbies you Darvish. We'll start White Sox rough yesterday there Texas tonight. I'm are Carmen WGN sports. Get to old navy today. All t's all shorts and.

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