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I thought it was a damn good match in they again, it came down to the chemistry that they had the very comfortable with each other like each other. And when you. Sellin rock in the ring, man, it's magic. He'd he did a hell of a job with him and McKay. She was great worker that I keep saying that, but it's, I think people discount forget just how good of a big man. He was talking about the wrong December twelfth. The show would open with Ricky. She pinning the undertaker and this is in an era when you really don't say the undertaker lose a lot on TV, but he did here. And of course there's some interference from Kurt angle, but still it's a big deal to get a win over the undertaker. I should mention too that we're on our way here to the pay per view Armageddon. And this is an interesting Armageddon because we've got a hell in the cell with a ton of dudes Kurt angle, the rock Steve Austin, Ricky she triple h and the undertaker six guys inside a Helena sale thirty two minutes and twenty seconds and. And this is got an interesting bump here. You know, we've already set a precedent with these Helena sales. We've seen some spectacular matches with the undertaker Shawn Michaels, and of course the undertaker and mankind. And here we want a big spectacle. So at eleven minutes and thirty seconds of insect man, backs a truck to the ring, Patterson and Brisco or with him, and a worker attaches a chain to the door, the cage, and then the truck drove away, ripping the cage door off completely on the Vince orders them to take the entire cage down. Foley's music plays out. They come, they're cutting promos back and forth. Eventually, you know what's coming. Kishi takes a giant bump off the cage and into the bed of the truck, which I guess is filled with sawdust. What the fuck is this? The my surprise Meltzer gave it four and a quarter stars. You got all the stars in the world. But we're taking bumps off the cage into a truck bed filled with salt. What the fuck is this. Why hated it? I guess a lot of people loved, I hated it because to me. Fed into that. We've got, we've got a top ourself with Mick Foley bomb. You know, we got the Shawn Michaels bumped on the McFaul e where we going to do what's the next big bump? We're going to tell them to sell you. Gotta have a big bump. In all will definitely hear about if it wasn't him, but I think it was Michael. Who suggested what? If Ricky, she took a big bump off the top of that son of a bitch. Which is an interesting idea. My fear was how do you get him up there that's available feet. That's hard for a guy that's in great shape to get that down, Helena sale and get up and work on top of that cage. So getting Ricky, she on top of the cage to me was well, that's hurdle. Number one, how the fuck do we get the big bastard up there? And then. That's a, that's a scary bump in the way that they wanted to do. It was was pretty much a backwards bump, which is scary as hell because you can't see where you're going and you're not turning your body, it's it's everything had to be right. They rehearsed it, they did it and all that shit. Everything was cool and it was all fine. But it was still to me. Scary and junior was was cool with it. He he went up and did it and everything was fine, but it was totally safe. I mean, we had the crash pads and all that other bullshit in there. But it was still scary just to me because you're falling backwards for ship eighteen feet..

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