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Me actually doesn't matter how positive your it doesn't matter how many great surgeries you've done. The united states taught you know you're out there hanging on a mountain in the middle of cold and no one's there carrying about you and you've got to be doing either certain exercises or you've been given an assignment to figure out this cohen The is and cohen. And you have no idea what it even means. Just they become back. They're treating worse than they treated you before they sent you out zero there in freezing cold doing exercises you houses hardcore like out of a movie Well actually some wanna make a movie. I need some people did make. There's a couple of movies from people that i've done my courses that i brought back Are treated personally. I think there's two movies about this story that i've gone through that. I'm telling me the names of the movies. Only kanda movies really. There's the listening so it's just it's just a part of it. But they took part of it and they stuck it in there. The both movies were big. Big sellers blockbusters. But anyway i mean. Like one of the attainments had the you had to be all sitting snow and the feltus. When you're in your you know. I would say bathing suit a win win. Hof kind of as you're bathing suit was not your bathing suit. It was like who brought a bank is your underwear under ice all around you in the snow there and you've got to You know the next stages. Are you going to be able to pull in enough energy to keep that place warmer on you and you warm also And if you don't do that you can only go. That's the end that goes. That's the training. They were intimating which turned out to be absolutely true. Is that you sort of have to bodies you've got the one that you've sort of allowed to express itself through whatever you whatever channel you came with you came through brooklyn can through los angeles. You came through. Seattle doesn't matter whose family where it is pretty much people's bodies.

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