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Our pets. This is animal radio featuring veterinarian. Dr Debbie White Groomer. Joey Villani news director. Lorie Brooks and now from the Red Barn Studios here your host halladay rooms and Judy Francis this just a few minutes. We are going to have Bob. Barker on for his fifteenth appearance here on Animal Radio and over the sixteen years or so that he's been coming on almost on a yearly basis. He's talked about the circus and really shutting down the circus and the elephants that are shouldn't be performing in the circus. He's even gone as far as flying. Some of these elephants out of these precarious situations and to shelters and sanctuaries across the country. He's also really is pretty cool. He's also been very involved with trying to see world To Shutter Their Wail Act. And they have done that so we have a lot of things to celebrate a lot of things to talk about. And he's ninety three years old Gosh still doing this. Wow and Quentin ladies. Man's till I understand. He also has he might remember. He brought to our attention the situation with the American Humane Association and that Dustin Hoffman Movie. Hbo Movie About Three Years Ago. Where the humane association was onset and gave them their credentials. You know the No animals were harmed in the making this movie credentials little certification at the end of the movie yet. There was a horse that was harmed during that movie. A Horse Tie. Didn't I think so? Although I don't know that I just know that Bob Barker is not a big fan of the Ahe so I wanna ask him about a dog's purpose this movie and the whole controversy with the German Shepherd Hercules the German shepherd on that set. So that's on the way in just a few minutes What are you working on over there? Laurie well one state has just opened up this huge new expensive facility. Econom- sixty five million dollars to build this. Yeah on fourteen acres and it's all about animals. You know when I asked for a tease. You really do. Give a tease. I try to deliver how okay. Let's go to the phones. Let's take one for Dr Debbie. We HAVE BILL ON LINE three high bill. How're you doing pretty good? Where are you calling from today? Call New York New York okay. What's going on with your animal. Doctor Debbie right here Doctor have three year old English springer and she's getting a habit of eating Deng Eating Doug Dengue or other Dobbs Dung. I have another animal or another dog too and she you know they've play together and stay in the pen and let him out and they'll run around and Dogle. My Springer will start that habit which I was wondering how to break that. Yeah it's it's a lovely Deng behavior and if we're being confined in a now. Is this a dog? Kennel like a fenced-in Kennel or crate after crate Kennel okay. Alrighty as far as in I'm taking it she's only eating the other dogs pooper. She eating her own this. Well I I don't know I cleaned up and it's I know she's eating stuff out there and she comes in and and just just dengue breath. So I know okay. Yeah well I mean the reasons for. Why dogs do this. The honest truth is we have a lot of theories but nobody really knows the absolute certain 'cause A Lotta Times. We kind of look back at. How puppies are when they develop and when the with mom. The mother dog actually licks their urogenital area. So they ingest their feces and their urine and some people feel that this can be kind of a mimic behavior that just kind of sets powder and then they just don't get out of other times. You know we talk about the fad or the protein content in the stool and some dogs are really attracted to things like rabbit. Poop feces different animal feces. Because there's different compounds enzymes proteins in there that may be somewhat attractive and it's crazy to think that poop tastes good but you know what it really does to some animals so in some ways when you have a positive reinforcement for behaviors. Hard to stop it because they just enjoy it now. Some of the things we need to do when we have a dog that is eating. Poop is one. We need to take away the opportunity where they can get into that so that means we have to pick up that poop as soon as it is passed. We don't want to leave that. Stool left out in their environment where they can get around that in ingest it. The second thing is that we want to Not Make a big deal about it when you do. Catch them in the act and just just like a kid that smacks around his brother or sister for attention because his parents yell at him dogs will eat poop because they love to hear us yell screen throw things sabotage of it and that actually again is a positive reward for that behavior because they just got you off the couch and they get your attention and now you're paying attention to them so you want to make sure that you don't react to that in that way but to give them some kind of alternate thing to do so if a dog is trained to pick up stool you know squeaky toy a tennis ball something you can throw in the other way. That is going to get their attention. Divert them from the stool. Do not make a big deal out of it. Do not try to discipline them. Make them hold the stool in their mouth or say bad dog. That's not going to help at all. And then also we went to look at just keeping these guys from being bored and anxious so when they do come on they can. All we got to divert that activity in energy. Get them running. Get them doing something. So that They don't turn look. See that stool right there in like okay. That's a great place. I'm going to go for that. So it's kind of a combination of all these things and you know you can do some of the things where people will put Cayenne pepper on the poop and so forth but I think the time you spend walking around with that little Tabasco bottle addressing those. Yeah the pilots you might as well Work on avoidance keeping that stool out of the environment. So yeah and they're you know definitely some people will say use MSG at it to the poop or edit to the dog that is passing the POOP. And there's a lot of deterrence that they sell on the market so those things can help but by themselves they won't solve the she kinda gotta get the heart of all of these behaviors and and and getting your like. Vlade would say. Get the dog job something to do. And then really Keep the opportunity to minimum. Clean clean up themselves. But Hey I like that idea. It's just that opposable thumb thing they can't quite get that scooper going all your doc bill for your call it. I believe we have John the phone. Hi John. How you doing very good. Where are you calling from? I've been at the moment right now. So if I lose you I do apologize. I'm up in the mountains. Well what's up with your pets today? I have a five and a half year old overman female sway. We've had her since on newborn The problem we're having is we get our groomed once a month and within a week later she starts to smell like spock to an old talk. Yeah I was just wondering if it's something. She's lacking in her diet. Is this something that we can do to Change Dad or is that just a normal thing okay? So she's not sleeping with dirty socks or anything we she just you know Actually we we better a really nice doggy bag. She has all that We alternate we have too bad for so we alternate and wash him and she didn't clean bed So I guess. What does her skin look like? Does she have any kind of Hair loss weariness craziness Team when you touch your Any particular part of her body does she. Smells at all over all over and You know my right. There's a lot of entertaining Two hundred and when we had our you know where it's Everybody's looking at each other stocks and only stinks muskie's now though in it we're not sure what the what the cure for that is. Well I think the first thing that I would look at is Anytime we have a bad odor. We can't find a 'cause I do actually like to get really close to pet and believe it or not. I like to get some samples from the skin and look because somehow it's going to have problems with yeast infections. We can get a staph infections or types of bacterial infections. arts some dogs and Dobermans kind of fit into that where they can have problems with their oil glands and their skin where they can have an excess production of some of these oils for some pets so so. That's a possibility as well. But I would definitely say we'd want to do a test called an impression smear where we look at all. The Skin. Surface under the microscope look for any organisms. Because I I've definitely had dogs. We've had to put on medicated. Shampoos and types of medications to help correct those things and then there's always that certain that might even have some. Weirdo condition like a condition called suspicious at night as which creates a smelly. Greasy coat So I would definitely say that's where I would be going with things Get some samples and make sure we're checking things like teeth in in the Glance too because those are really potent sources of odor from dogs. But if you're describing mortar that kind of wet sock kind of smell than I like to check for. Yeast and yeast is a pretty stinky. Dog Actually are Where she gets groomed out as a really well known place and they do the anal gland and so we know that's not a problem We got that much from our groomer. And those teeth are actually very very white Give us a clearer. Rawhide and that keeps them really clean What she does a lot. I don't know maybe something new to whether it's skin. Yeah Yeah I would definitely say that will be worthwhile because it's hard to say. Let me just tell you this shampoo or that championship A really would be individualized thing that we'd want to find out what's going on on her skin surface and it's such a simple type of test but it can really give us oodles of information on what's growing or what's going on and your baby's skin so I would definitely pick up that phone and lineup that visit with your veterinarian. Because I think we can probably do things to help her out in in a lot of different avenues with shampoos and and actually sometimes we can over shampoo too so that can actually make some conditions worse. So let's get to the vet and find out what we're scratching about and what's going on. This is Dr Debbie with animal radio. 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