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The left shoulder and that's causing some delays taking a look at your forecast it's going to be a beautiful day today sunshine and a high of eighty two clear tonight a low of fifty eight and on wednesday we'll start the day with some sunshine then a chance of showers and a high of seventy nine degrees right now it is mostly sunny and sixty degrees from the townhall dot com newsroom for the first time in forty one years the city of detroit is no longer under any form of oversight from the state of michigan or the federal government the state financial review commission voted to end its oversight yesterday after the city posted three consecutive budget surpluses following a massive bankruptcy reorganization delighting officials like city council president brenda jones is an important day for the history of the city of detroit the city's chapter nine bankruptcy filing in two thousand thirteen was the largest municipal bankruptcy in american history following years of shortfalls debt corruption and a huge population loss detroit was out of bankruptcy in less than sixteen months thanks to deals with creditors including city retirees who agreed to a four point five percent cut in pensions phase two of the district detroit project by olympia development to set to move forward including restoring three historic in vacant buildings and and building three new mixed use buildings near little caesars arena more than four hundred thousand square feet of office space will be created with work along with about seventy thousand square feet of retail space.

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